Special Coverage: Fire 2018

Immediately in the wake of the destruction that the fires brought, the George family struggled to find their footing.
Market hotter than before wildfires, say agents.
Kenwood could be hit by flow coming off the slopes of Hood Mountain, according to assessments by the U.S. Geological Service.
Over the past year, Santa Rosa cartoonist and fire victim Brian Fies continued to draw frames about his experience in an expanded version of “A Fire Story,” which we preview this week on the anniversary of the October wildfires.
From exhibits to gatherings to films, Valley groups are finding unique ways to commemorate the anniversary of the fires
Residents of O’Donnell Lane look back, but keep moving forward
Sara and John Shepherd, who lost their two children in the North Bay wildfires and were badly burned themselves, are among the fire survivors on the slow road to recovery.
Sonoma County was forever changed by the 2017 wildfires. A year later, the scorched neighborhoods and landscape are slow to recover. Take a look at aerial photos from a year ago and today.
Increased staffing, abatement enforcement and educational efforts should help agencies prevent and fight fires, while residents can help by creating defensible space.
Exhibits at the Museum of Sonoma County, the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art and other venues deal with the anniversary and aftermath of the 2017 wildfires.
This time-lapse video of Fountaingrove shows images captured by satellite just before the fires, in August 2017, and images from this month.
A September test of wireless emergency warnings exposed ‘significant issues’ for authorities seeking to improve the county’s alert system, a new report said.
The October fires cleaved the community into two worlds: one occupied by those who suffered a significant loss, the other by those who did not.
One year after Tubbs fire, fewer than 50 homes of the more than 5,300 destroyed countywide have been fully rebuilt, mainly because of insurers’ delays in paying homeowners’ claims.
Scientists are also testing ash and air for toxins formed by incineration of household materials during the wildfires that blasted through Sonoma County a year ago.
From exhibits to gatherings to films, Valley groups are finding unique ways to commemorate the anniversary of the fires
A haunting silence prevails at the 10-acre Glen Ellen retreat that Bernie and Kat Krause safeguarded over a half-century nearly a year after the Nuns fire destroyed their home and his life's work.
Rebuild North Bay Foundation gather resources to stock 5,000 bags for distribution around the county
For a week during the October fires last year, Bob Taylor led a group of volunteers and interns that provided vital, accurate information in a time of uncertainty.
Sonoma Ecology Center marks anniversary of wildfires with ‘Wilder Than Wild’
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