Sonoma Valley High School has entered into an agreement with Nike that will give all of the school’s athletic team uniforms and other apparel that distinctive swoosh branding, joining several other North Bay schools and hundreds nationally.

The deal was negotiated by Mike Boles, the high schools’ sports director, in his first year in the role. “We are very excited to announce a partnership with Nike Eastbay,” said Boles. He said of the three-year agreement to outfit the school’s athletic teams in Nike apparel, “It is an opportunity to align our 18 athletic programs into one,” he said.

“Eastbay Team Sales is extremely excited to partner with Sonoma Valley High School and their student-athletics and community to unite all under one brand, Nike, to show consistency through all sports,” said Scott Davis of Nike. Boles said he has known Davis for several years.

“The deal will cover all sports and activities for any of their apparel and uniform needs,” said Davis. “It will create brand recognition and consistent color for all uniforms and apparel.”

Uniforms, equipment and related Nike-manufactured sports goods can be ordered from Eastbay Team Sales at a substantial discount from regular pricing, according to Davis. Orders will accrue “comp dollars” based on the transaction, which can be converted to an equivalent amount of non-uniform product for coaches, students and other equipment.

The arrangement officially begins July 1, so fall and winter sports teams will be the first to carry the Nike swoosh.

Other Bay Area schools with similar apparel branding arrangements include Santa Rosa’s Cardinal Newman, as well as De La Salle of Concord and Bishop O’Dowd in Oakland. Such agreements can provide schools with tens of thousands of dollars worth of discounts annually, as well as discounts on additional purchases.

How Sonoma Valley came into the agreement is largely due to athletic director Boles, at least according to Nike’s Davis. “They were a school I reached out to based on my relationship with Mike Boles as I thought it would be great for the student-athletes. The main thing for us is, it is a partnership and we are here to support the school, the community and the student-athletes as they compete and represent Sonoma Valley High School.”

He added, “It takes an athletic director and administration that is strong to make it work, and not all schools have that.”