Letters to the editor, April 19

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The day Sonoma stood still

EDITOR: Letter writer Mr. Troise (“You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet,” April 16) might wish to reconsider his assertion that there is no valid evidence for extraterrestrial visitors, in light of the following facts:

The government and military establishments of several nations have studied the UFO phenomenon. A number of these found that extraterrestrial visitors were the likeliest explanation for the persistently unexplainable reports. Among the reports reaching this conclusion:

Project Sign, United States Air Force, 1948;

West German study, 1951 to 1954, headed by rocketry expert Dr. Hermann Oberth. Dr. Oberth spoke and wrote widely about the conclusions of this study. He unequivocally stated his conclusion that the best UFO reports were due to visitors from other worlds;

GEIPAN study, France, 2005;

In addition, there is the private COMETA report, from France, 1999. Its work was done mainly by military defense analysts.

Reports of very real and solid-appearing objects, many seen by trained observers, were the basis of the conclusions reached by these studies. Objects were seen to perform maneuvers not possible for any aircraft on this planet.

Given the huge numbers of planets now know to circle other stars in our galaxy, and the astronomical knowledge that many star systems are far older than ours, is it really such an improbable idea that the citizens of other worlds can and do visit the Earth?

Michael Watson


Is Paris burning?

EDITOR: In the final days of the Nazi occupation, the frenzied voice of a madman crackled over the wires, “Is Paris burning?” Was it procrastination or a sensibility for this beautiful city that stayed the hand of the Nazi officer in charge? For whatever reason, Paris was spared.

After the Nazis fled, General Charles de Gaulle and thousands of jubilant Parisians thronged the long rise of the Champs Elysees to l’Etoile where the tricolor was unfurled to wave from the Arc de Triomphe. On Aug. 26, 1944, a Mass of Te Deum was celebrated at Notre Dame Cathedral.

Sixteen years later my husband and I made the first of many visits to Paris and to that glorious cathedral. I recall Sunday afternoon concerts, reveling in the organ’s groveling tones and celestial resolution of Bach’s Prelude and Fugue.

Today I watch Notre Dame, the soul of Paris, go down in flames. A tragedy not even a Nazi officer would allow.

June England


Someone poisoning David Eichar’s shoes…

EDITOR: I read your articles about Sonoma stopping use of weed-killing products like Roundup on city property (“Sonoma Officials Ban Use of Roundup,” April 5). Now, while I know these were just examples to strengthen a point and not finger-pointing, there were quotes and call-outs from city officials and other commenters in the article using the Overlook Trail as an evil-doer.

So I thought 1) what a great time to set the record straight and 2) what a great opportunity to thank our wonderful volunteers!

You rarely come near poison oak on the Overlook Trail trails because volunteers, led by our tireless Roy Tennant, are constantly clipping it and pulling it out by hand, two to three feet on either side of the trail. Every single day that it isn’t raining! No Roundup. None whatsoever! We quit using it years ago. Because Roy and the Overlook Trail Stewards would rather have poison oak than touch the stuff. They are eradicating other invasives along the trails the same way - by hand! Italian thistle and star thistle, if you have ever been stung by either of those monsters you know how much we must hate the idea of Roundup. Broom’s pretty much gone too. All by hand.

So, while the point was probably made with the April 5 comment from David Eichar, “I’m hiking up the Overlook Trail, and now I have Roundup on my shoes,” I’d just like to assure Mr. Eichar, and everyone else in town, that if he had Roundup on his shoes, he didn’t get it on our town’s beautiful, hand-tended, much beloved Overlook Trail.

Joanna Kemper

Past Chair, Overlook Trail Stewards

Change of plans

The movie “Unplanned” is one of the best movies my husband and I have seen.

It is a documentary of the operation of Planned Parenthood, and the side which the average person cannot see.

It should absolutely be rated PG-13, because teenagers in the 13-plus age group (the ones it may pertain to most), as well as the rest of us would benefit from its message.

The rating “R” given to it by the motion picture industry was obviously intended to keep the teens out, the fact that mainstream media will not advertise it (doesn’t fit their agenda), and the fact that Hollywood critics give it poor reviews, are all meant to keep you from seeing it.

Check out the movie rating website Rotten Tomatoes and go to the “Unplanned” movie “audience” reviews, over 1,500, most 4 to 5 star.

You should see this movie.

Janet Germano


Thanks for Arnold Field supporters

EDITOR: Thank you for Christian Kallen’s article on the community support for Arnold Field and the Sonoma Valley High School baseball program (“Arnold Field Getting a Facelift,” April 2). As the article points out, the Sonoma Regional Parks Department, the Sonoma Valley Athletic Corp., and the Sonoma Valley High School Boosters combined to grow the support of youth baseball in Sonoma Valley.

We want to thank Jim Nantell and David Robinson at the Regional Parks Department for championing the installation of the more efficient, more focused, and brighter stadium lighting. The department has also been generous with their time working with the high school players to trim and remove the park’s vegetation.

Run by the non-profit Sonoma Valley Athletic Corp, Arnold Field relies upon donations of labor and money for its operation. For helping with the field’s 2019 upgrades we’d like to thank: All Custom Woodworking, Arbor Fence, Bob O’Gorman, Curran Environmental Services, Dan Sperry, Don Sebastiani & Sons, Garcia Electric, Horizon Roofing, Jerry Thompson & Sons Painting, Lunny Engineering, Mak Engineering, Marty Campbell, North Counties Drywall, Pagani Ranch, Scott Anderson Landscaping, Sonoma Garbage Collectors, and TriMyc Mechanical.

There are many more improvements needed at Arnold Field, and we’d like to invite anyone interested in helping to send email to or to visit the field’s website,

While the Sonoma Valley High School Boosters program has been very supportive of the Dragons baseball program, we’d also like to acknowledge that they generously support over 40 student clubs, organizations, and athletic teams at the high school. Becoming a Sonoma Valley High School Boosters member is a great way to support Sonoma’s youth.

The 2019 upgrades to Arnold Field and the Sonoma Valley High School baseball program are a great example of what can be done when different parts of our community pull together. We’re hoping more companies and organizations will step forward so that we can continue to improve Arnold Field in 2020.

The Sonoma Valley Athletic Corp

The Dragons Baseball Team

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