Letters to the Editor, March 26

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School district on path toward tyranny

EDITOR: I’m writing regarding our children at Sonoma Valley High School attacking each other (“Rash of Girl Fights Breaks Out at High School,” March 12). It is important to be analyzed and understood.

We need to know as best we can the events preceding, during and subsequent to the psychopathic so-called “girls fighting girls” at Sonoma Valley High School.

A disturbing statement, or an order, was issued by the administration declaring that no one should take out their phones and record the violence and pre-violence.

Repression and suppression of the press – and suppressing our children – in the public education system is a major step in establishing a government of tyranny with people who have been trained to not think independently nor challenge authority when authority is in error.

Do you want your children to live under tyranny? Then make the extra effort.

Is the removal of the “Love” sculpture on Sonoma Plaza with the continuation of the Quadra demon sculpture in the courtyard of Sonoma Valley High School without significance? Does the rambling of the commander-in-chief of the United States have any significance when examination reveals it to be similar to dementia. The students know this. They need an outlet to express themselves. Just making the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” a cult following is not enough. It’s a fantasy.

Administrators - allow the student body to express themselves honestly and without fear of recrimination. Have every class given the option to write down on a simple piece of paper how they feel that their educational process could be improved. Collate all of the responses and make them available for discussion so all of us can be safe and effective. Then formulate a new approach because the old one has already backfired upon us.

It is said that school administrators are among the most conservative and have the most difficulty being flexible. The county parents will be watching carefully.

Joel Taylor


The writing is on the wall

EDITOR: Graffiti is everywhere (“Graffiti Outbreak Plagues Springs,” March 15). Graffiti is a blight that creeps into Sonoma all over town on a daily basis. If one just observes on their daily travels you will notice graffiti on an “abandoned” house on East Spain Street (to be torn down for “new construction” that never seems to get started), on East Spain across from the bucolic Clydesdale horses and further down Spain. Graffiti is taking over AT&T and Verizon boxes as well as private mailboxes near Hatchery Lane. Graffiti is not just in the Springs.

Graffiti is a societal blight which must be contained before it continues to creep. Even though “deputies are no longer available,” as is quoted in Kate Williams’ story, I believe the City of Sonoma needs to develop and enforce an affirmative action plan to keep graffiti from becoming an epidemic. As Michael Acker, a collage artist from the Springs, says, “I care about my neighborhood. A lot of people do.” And I believe the majority of Sonomans care as well. I previously sent some of our City Council members photographs of collages that have been painted on the AT&T/Verizon boxes which are creative and attractive. While this is not a solid solution, it might deter some errant person from tagging. We can’t sit back and let this take over our town. We need to be proactive rather than just reactive.

Audrey Chapman


Put a wrap on wraps

EDITOR: I just read your article about the new burrito place that’s planning to open on Broadway (“Sonoma Burrito Company Unveils Restaurant Plans,” March 19).

But I have to ask – do we really need another burrito place here in Sonoma, and one that is just down the block from El Coyote?

What we do need are a few more casual cafes and restaurants that cater to the locals with decent food and pricing.

Janet Engelbrecht


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