Letters to the Editor, March 15

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News of the world

EDITOR: I love a good English brexit: coffee, orange juice, poached eggs, bangers, crumpets or scones.

Technically if it is served between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. it’s not an English brexit. Then it’s an English brunch. Start the day off with a couple bangers it’ll put a smile on your face and spring in your walk.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un should both join the Men’s Hair Club. This would be an effort to show solidarity.

Breaking news! When news breaks somebody should fix it, and fix it we do.

How can we sell more news? That’s easy because we have more news to sell. You can buy this year’s news at last year’s prices. You can buy used news at new-year prices. But don’t buy any news until you talk to me. If you’ve got some new news bring it down and I’ll make it used.

If you don’t like the news go out and make some of your own.

What didn’t happen to Carol Doda?

The perfect 36.

Eric Heine

Glen Ellen

Citizens for Sonoma Renewal to the rescue!

EDITOR: A full-page ad in the I-T on March 12 insinuates in giant print that the Sonoma City Council and the Planning Commission are coming for your private property rights, are undermining capitalism and the free market, and are driving all future development out of town. At the top of this hysterical screed it announces (in all caps): PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISING.

OK, paid for by whom? On the bottom of the ad it says: Paid for by Citizens for Sonoma Renewal. Who dat, one might ask? One can only surmise it’s someone or ones that want a new City Council and a new Planning Commission that will not destroy the city in a “stranglehold,” gasp, and “doom” it to bankruptcy and a dystopian future too grim to imagine. OMG Sonoma Renewal, what are we to do!?

Well, these brave political saviors don’t exactly say except to remind us that Sonoma was built on “tourism and the wine industry” and warn us that better not be messed with, or else! Gee, and here I thought that Sonoma was built by its Mexican forefathers, conscripted Indians, farmers, merchants and professionals and all the nonprofits that work daily to provide the much-needed amenities that make life here worthwhile.

A closing warning in this silly but no doubt costly ad throws up the dire prediction that, “100 years from now almost everyone on the planet will be replaced.” No, I had no idea that this evil plan to replace us all was concocted by the deep-state City Council and their operatives on the Planning Commission. Thank providence, and our Lone Ranger Renewal-ers, there’s still time to move to Cloverdale.

Honey, pack up the kids and secure the dog to the roof of the car, we’re going where the markets are free and private property is still sacred.

Will Shonbrun

Boyes Springs

Cannabis-wine hypocrisy

EDITOR: I read with amusement the letter to the editor “Keep the Lid on Pot” in the March 1 Index Tribune. The writer seems to think that cannabis would be the first substance to create Sonoma’s “inebriant based economy.”

He is apparently not including the many wineries, tasting rooms, wine bars and liquor stores in our fair city, and the “powerful, incapacitating concentrates” that they sell – vodka, anyone?

He seems to miss the fact that our economy is already, proudly and successfully, an “inebriant (if used to excess) based economy.”

He worries about “industrialists” who would market cannabis here, but neglects to include the other “industrialists” who have been growing and marketing alcohol in the Valley, for many years, which has become the basis of our economy and our reputation as a wine mecca for tourists.

His use of the word “bullseye” suggests that lobbying local council members to support dispensaries is somehow different from the lobbying of these same council members to approve of a seemingly endless number of wine tasting rooms.

Regarding those unsavory “elements” he is concerned about, does he count the steady stream of alcohol inebriated drivers cited by local law enforcement? That number appears to far exceed the number of people cited for driving while intoxicated by cannabis.

I am not advocating recreational cannabis dispensaries, although I do see the value medical cannabis dispensaries.

I just object to hypocrisy.

Joe Cutler


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