Letters to the Editor, Feb. 22

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Honest Abe, meet Honest Don

EDITOR: The fun thing about letters to the editor is that most of them can be skipped after the first sentence; but every now and then there’s one that’s genuinely funny as hell. So it was with a recent missive lauding President Donny-boy for taking responsibility as the buck-stops-here-guy (“Perversity in Pelosi’s DNA,” Jan. 29). That one was almost coffee-out-the-nose worthy.

In plain language and now exceedingly evident, Donny is (blank-ing) nuts and anyone not able to see that is either delusional or channeling Ann Coulter. Even Ann knows this to be true, but by her own admission she makes a pant-load of money by jerking him around for her audience, so it’s just an amusing gig to her.

The trouble is the crazy clown has his stubby finger on the nuclear button, was the heartless devil behind the massive kidnapping of asylum-seeking immigrants’ children, and is not simply lunatic but dangerous and that’s not too funny.

Anyway, way to go, Donny-enthralled letter writer. Can’t wait for your next gem. Maybe something along the lines of… he’s the most honest President since Old Abe.

Will Shonbrun

Boyes Springs

Yes, in my back yard!

EDITOR: We noted the letters on Tuesday in favor of keeping the Mission Bell property a farmette (“Pony Up for Clydesdale Corner,” “Sonoma, for Now and the Future” and “Mission Bell Is Soup for the Soul,” Feb. 19). We have a different wish.

We keep hearing that Sonoma’s greatest need is low- and moderate-income housing. We agree whole-heartedly. Yet projects keep getting derailed. Oh, there’s always a reason, but the result is that nothing gets done. We think it’s time that the city – officials as well as the public – actually gets such housing built.

We’d like to see low- and moderate-income housing built at Mission Bell. Also at the eyesore former car dealer on Broadway. And also at the hospital lot on West MacArthur, which is in OUR neighborhood.

Brian Smucker and Candi Horton


Curbing the Cheese Factory wheels

EDITOR: I was out front cutting back my roses when a friend and his dog walked by and said, “Hello.”

Since he’s on the Sonoma Planning Commission, I made small talk by asking about the plans for the Cheese Factory to which he replied:

“Hemmm. Hawwwwww. Ummmmm. You know the project is just too big for that site.”

I said that everybody I know loved the elevation that ran in the Index-Tribune, thought it was extremely attractive, in keeping with the Plaza and certainly an improvement over what’s there now. Plus, everybody I know has enormous faith in the taste and credibility of the developer based upon his fantastic Oxbow property in Napa.

“Ummmmm. Uhhhhhh. Ahhhhh,” said my friend. “Well, it would put an insupportable strain on the parking at the Plaza.”

“Oh,” said I, “kind of like the 4th of July Parade and fireworks? Nobody comes to that anymore because there’s no place to park, right?”

“Like that,” agreed my friend.

“So,” said I, “what I’m hearing is that’s it’s more important for us to have a parking place than it is to have anything to do in this town.”

Hank Martinson


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