Letters to the Editor, Feb. 12

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Hoot and holler

EDITOR: I read your recent article on the birds of the valley, especially owls (“Birders of a Feather Flocking Together Online,” Feb. 5). I’ve been watching birds around the Valley for a number of years and have seen owls many times. In fact, a few times, I’ve seen both great horned owls and barn owls on the same day (not at night). I’m attaching a recent photo your readers might find interesting

Steve Eckert


All about the Benjamins

EDITOR: On Jan. 24, I went to a local restaurant with a couple of friends to enjoy a live music band at night. I paid the $20 entry fee with a $100 bill that was from a bank in Napa. It was a crisp, clean bill and looked like new.

Everything went fine until almost three hours later, I was called to the side and told that I had given them a counterfeit bill. The staff person asked me to give them back the $80 change, or they’d call police. He showed me a rumpled $100 bill that he claimed I’d given them.

I told him immediately that it was not my crisp $100 bill and told him to go ahead and call the police. Instead of calling the police right away, male staff members kept trying get the $80 from me, saying, “Give us the change back or we’ll call the police.” The bartender/manager insisted, “This is your $100 bill, it was the only one in that cash box, and it even has Japanese words on the back side.”

Really? I don’t want to use the word “racist,” however, I’m an Asian, but it doesn’t mean I was the owner of that fake bill with words on it in a language I don’t even speak, read or write. I wonder if the man even knows there are many countries in Asia beside Japan. My friends and I asked them to review video from their surveillance camera to check for the possibilities of other patrons paying with $100 bills, or someone switching the bills, but they declined. I asked them to please call the police to investigate.

When the officers finally arrived, I told them what happened and explained that the counterfeit bill was not mine. The deputies said they believed me and told me later that I had nothing to do with the phony cash, adding that such fake bills have been circulating in the Valley and they are subject of an ongoing investigation.

I would like to think those staff at the bar were merely ignorant or misinformed and certainly not intending to discriminate against me. However, I do not understand why they waited three hours to accuse me of giving them a phony $100 bill. Why didn’t they call the police as soon as they discovered the counterfeit bill instead of harassing me and making a scene? That fake bill was so worn and suspicious, shouldn’t they have questioned it the moment they received it?

The staff members were rude not only to me, but also to my friends, and before this experience, we all had been their regular customers. I cannot help but ask, if I were not an Asian woman, would this ugly incident have occurred?

I have called the business and left messages several times, seeking an apology. So far, no one has contacted me. I know they are going through some organizational changes, but that’s no excuse for bullying and treating their customers disrespectfully!

Gigi Pfleger


Fascism or facts?

EDITOR: In response to Jason Kishineff’s letter (“U.S. Supporting Coup?” Feb. 5), his comments (in support of embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro) are ludicrous. If he hasn’t been there and seen for himself how one man, rather a band of thieves, can completely destroy the economic and social order of a country in 19 years, he’s clueless. I lived there for five years and have friends I’m in contact with every day.

Venezuela used to be the richest country in South America; today, people scavenge through garbage to find food. There are no medicines, nor medical care where people are dying every day with routine maladies: diabetes, cancer, routine surgeries. More than 3 million people have had to flee creating a refugee crisis in many countries of South America. People have fled since their money has become worthless due to the highest inflation rate on the planet. I could go on.

In so far as our government is “fascist,” this is preposterous. Does Kishineff even have a minimalist idea of what a fascist government resembles, say fascist Italy or Nazi Germany? As for Maduro being legitimately re-elected in 2018, this is a joke since he disbanded the national assembly and picked his own Supreme Court.

Venezuela is in a state of paralysis and collapse. Maduro has raided the treasury to the tune of billions of dollars, money stashed away in countries not friendly to the U.S. Maduro is a despot and not supported by his people. One last point: Cuba maintains a militia of more than 22,000 forces to keep Maduro in power. You want to talk democracy? Let the people in Cuba and Venezuela have totally free elections and then you’ll know the truth.

Carson Watson


‘Valentine’s Day Rag’

Valentine Day is a woman’s holiday,

Every man I know works that day,

You got to drive around,

You got to spend some cash,

You got to play the game,

If you want to please the lass.

Oh I’d let her dance on my chin,

When she kicks down the trim,

Let her dance with my well-dressed friend,

Just as long as she stays with me.

Valentine’s Day is a woman’s holiday.

Every man I know works that day,

You got to drive around,

You got to spend some cash,

You got to play the game,

If you want to please your lass.

Hey, hey, what do you know?

A little bit of whiskey,

And a little bit of blow,

I don’t understand who planned this thing

It must have been a woman,

Or Merchant King.

Valentine’s Day is a woman’s holiday,

Every man I know works that day,

You got to drive around,

You got to spend your cash,

You got to play the game,

If you want to please your lass.

Eric Heine

Glen Ellen

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