Letters to the Editor, Jan. 29

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‘Perversity in Pelosi’s DNA’

EDITOR: I’m writing in response to Bill Lynch’s column (“The Borders Between Us All,” Jan. 18). For decades lawmakers agreed a physical barrier was needed on our southern border. A wall to stop the tsunami of drugs, human traffickers, terrorists and criminals. Legitimate asylum seekers would be screened as usual. Talking went nowhere until President Trump, who understands “the buck stops here.” Enter Speaker Pelosi. “A wall is immoral,” she pontificates.

Perversity seems to be in Pelosi’s DNA. Consider her earlier record as Speaker of the House. Disregarding warnings from President Bush, she visited Syria. Assad had been implicated in the murder of Lebanon’s Prime Minister Rafifi Hariri. Allied with Hezbollah, he continued a campaign of assassinating pro-western members of Lebanon’s Parliament. The U.S. and most nations treated Syria as a pariah. Pelosi’s visit mistakenly appeared to be a softening of our attitude toward Assad.

Presuming to speak for Israel, Pelosi told Assad that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was ready to talk peace. Olmert hastily issued a statement that Israel had no intention to engage Syria, a sponsor of terrorism.

In another stunning faux pas, Pelosi proposed a resolution condemning Turkey for the 1918 Armenian genocide. That nearly kicked us out of our use of Turkey’s Incirlic Air Base, indispensable to our military in Iraq.

Closer to home, Pelosi and Congressman Jim McGovern worked to defund Colombian military and block a free trade agreement with that country. McGovern was long known as a sympathizer of Sandanistas, Cuba and Hugo Chavez. The FARC considered him an ally. When Raul Reyes, FARC’s number two man was killed, his hard drive was retrieved by Colombian military. Documents in it name “Mrs. Pelosi who helps” (undermine Colombian President Uribe). Her warm friendship with Piedad Cordoba, left wing Colombian senator who had ties with the FARC and was a close ally of Hugo Chavez, is well known in Colombia.

Currently, Pelosi’s personal animus has some Democratic lawmakers riled over her granting of committee assignments.

June England


Editor’s note: The headline to this letter has been updated to better reflect the letter writer’s intent of the letter.

Ignorance ain’t bliss for the rest of us!

EDITOR: Who are those in Trump’s base and what do they believe? I’d say first they must have a value system. Regardless of how much or little education or exposure to the world you’ve had, each of us adopts a value system, consciously or not, that allows us to navigate our lives through the miasma of difficulties presented throughout our lives. One could speculate that they would rather have Trump define those issues which are most important to the quality of their lives.

Many people do things this way. We all cannot possibly be totally equipped to deal with every obstacle presented to us, thus allowing us to defer our own decision making for that of another ostensibly more knowledgeable source. When presented with such enormous amounts of information, as we are daily, we have to abdicate some of our judgements and rely on others. A caveat: when presented with so much logic-defying information about such a host of subjects most folks would allow themselves to do a bit of fact finding on their own: No?

Not Trump supporters. They are willfully ignorant. The news/opinion programs put out so much contradictory information that it is imperative upon us to seek out the truth. Ignorance on its own is not any sort of transgression. When one chooses to be so, it is.

Evangelicals, by nature and their own dogma, are ignorant. Science dwarfs and repudiates their biblical view of life. Could these turbulent times be distressing enough to make one think we are approaching the “End of Days”? If so, does this amount to an abdication of our obligations to the rest of our society and culture, or if the “end” is coming is it not incumbent upon evangelicals to save their souls, and to save as many heathens as possible as well? I know the bible teaches us thusly.

How should this be accomplished in a society as sophisticated as ours? Let me speculate. One step is to have a Supreme Court deeply immersed in religion: Support entities, i.e. the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute etc. like these further what they consider to be righteous ideals and government. Another step might be to inveigle your religious beliefs into the government system by such things as changing the Pledge of Allegiance to say “one nation under god,” instead of “one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” Have your president end all addresses with the words “May god bless America”. Those are starters.

So what do these behaviors tell us? The message I get is that since Trump is doing their bidding and with the “End” in sight they are bent upon doing all that is possible to save yours and my souls by whatever means possible, regardless of whether or not under “normal” circumstances these behaviors would be allowed. So here we are being saved involuntarily. The irony is beyond measure.

Ned Dillon


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