Letters to the Editor, Jan. 25

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Shiver me timbers!

EDITOR: My wife plays mahjong on Mondays and Thursdays over at Vintage House. During last week’s session one of the ladies at the table mentioned that her twin 11-year-old grandchildren had just had a sex-education session at the Catholic school they attend. (Our Lady of Perpetual Terror.)

The next day at breakfast one of the boys queried, “Mom, was Sir Francis Drake Jewish?

“No, why do you ask?” she said.

He replied, “Well, yesterday I discovered that he was the first person to circumcise the world!”

Doug Chambers


Is there permanent ‘Love’ at City Hall?

A poem by Robert Demler

The LOVE at City Hall may soon disappear,

just as the dreams for a harmonious citizenry

elude all possibility of well-manicured

civic togetherness irrespective of a ban

on Roundup or a 24/7 effort of city staff

to groom away all the weeds that so defiantly

proclaim the civic dysfunction to us “locals”

as well as to the rare uber-alert day-tourist

who wanders around a sad-looking Plaza

with its shuttered business every few feet

and which receive no civic encouragement

in a guiltless search for the scarce wine tastings

that do not charge but do require one to listen

to a shameless primer on terrior (hopefully Sonoma’s)

and the art that is that winery’s exclusive craft

that contributes to the charm and mystique

of a city basking in the historic fables created

yesteryear for the pride of succeeding generations

who now can’t quite remember why.

Robert C. Demler, Jr.


‘President’s sociopathic disregard for people’s welfare’

EDITOR: Due to our President’s almost sociopathic disregard for his people’s welfare, our government has been shut down for the longest time in history.

He has complete disregard for the health of our government and maybe it just is another way of him strangling the federal government, like he has been doing to the state department. I would say it’s all a part of his evil plan, but I don’t think he even has a plan, except to save face for himself. This is all about making himself look “tough.” How tough is he for inflicting so much suffering on his own employees? It’s absolutely shameful that the civil servants who work for us aren’t getting paid. Is this how he ran his so-called business? Oh, yes, it was.

We had a budget agreement before Christmas which had unanimous support in the Senate, but a couple of “mean girls” at Fox News said he “caved” and because of that he threw the country in another crisis manufactured by him that didn’t need to happen.

At least Putin is happy. And that means a lot to our President. Anyone but Trump in 2020.

Anne Petersen


How ‘bout we shut down your pay?!

EDITOR: Regarding Trump’s government shutdown, it’s clear that Congress needs to be motivated. As it currently stands, the cavalier attitude by elected officials is nothing less than nauseating. Here’s an idea: Nobody - and that really means absolutely no one - elected to Congress (House of Representatives and Senate) or elected to the White House - gets a paycheck. And, after the shutdown ends, there is no retroactive pay for those in Congress (both houses) or White House. Period, no questions asked, no pay.

Rayne Dessayer


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