Letters to the Editor, Jan. 18

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Cycle of abuse will continue

EDITOR: Your editorial about the Santa Rosa diocese’s list of clergy believed to have abused children (“Church Shines Spotlight on Own Darkness,” Jan. 15) was the most articulate I’ve read these recent days. It hits the nail on the head. Not many have described this cycle of media revelations, purported transparency and then often renewed cover up of various forms as “cycles of abuse” themselves. I guess they are. Let’s hope that cycle is over, but I don’t think it is.

There still is the refusal to count the two bishops, or to acknowledge that the abuses that have occurred in the past and recently at Hanna Boys Center, also are crimes under the auspices of the bishop. I suspect Bishop Vasa wants to keep the limelight off Hanna because those convictions are so fresh, and highlighting them may attract more reports - a simple limitation of liability strategy.

Mark Hurley was the bishop during the times of Reverends Timmons and Keegan. Bishop Ziemann came after and he was corrupt. So was Walsh. They all either abused or covered up, and now Vasa minimizes in his own way, I believe you’ll be hearing about even more priests as this news trickles out to the families of parishioners past and present.

Dan McNevin


Lincoln-Douglas, Sonoma version

EDITOR: I challenge Rep. Mike Thompson to a debate - again. I ran against the congressman in 2018, and challenged him then, but he must not have received my letter, which I also sent to the Index-Tribune offices, but never saw it printed in the newspaper. Nor did Thompson see me at a half dozen of his town halls holding a sign that said, “Debate me, Mike.” We were supposed to have a candidate forum, but due to an unfair bi-law of the League of Women Voters, it was canceled when the congressman said he was unavailable, which prevented the voices of three candidates from being heard.

Well, there’s no election, now. We have more than a year and a half before the next one, so there’s lots of time, and no reason for excuses. Let’s have a series of six debates in different cities in the district- Martinez, Vallejo, Napa, Sonoma, Santa Rosa and Kelseyville. We’ll be like a modern day Lincoln and Douglass. Let’s do it, not because of a past election or coming one, but because it will be great for the people of this district, not just to hear different opinions, but to be included in the discussion. Let’s even include former Republican candidate Charles Schaupp. All voices should be heard. Together we can bring some depth to the conversation and show all of the people how to listen to each other - something folks aren’t doing enough of these days. C’mon, Mike. Let’s try to bring the people together.

Jason Kishineff

Former Green Congressional candidate

Taking mean-spirited to extremes

EDITOR: Not such a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

To say we live in an imperfect world is a cliché-worthy understatement. But to loudly and vigorously object to a church aiding homeless people in need (“Neighbors Vow to Shut Down Homeless Shelter,” Dec. 21) is a mean-spirited and selfish act of singular note.

Such is the case of the neighbors of the Sonoma Alliance Church on Watmaugh Road who object to the church offering winter housing to some homeless folks. Congratulations, church neighbors, you’ve reached a new low in the long, sad tale of Sonoma NIMBY history.

Ever take a look in the mirror and wonder who that unpleasant face belongs to? Probably not, but the rest of the town is well aware.

Honi soit qui mal y pense.

Will Shonbrun

Boyes Springs

From the Welcoming Committee

EDITOR: Deb Campbell, I can’t imagine why you would move to a dump like Sonoma (“Sonoma Needs a Makeover,” Jan. 15)! Maybe you are at a point in your life where you need finally to do something meaningful, but most people here like Sonoma the way it is. I don’t know where you came from, or what, if anything, you may have achieved there to make that community better. But I can tell you that you are bound to be severely disappointed if you expect those of us who absolutely love Sonoma to be grateful that you have chosen to fix up our “tired and dated” paradise.

Nor are we likely to feel honored that you are now here to help us understand how indolent and stupid we have been in our efforts to maintain this place’s absolute charm.

Maybe you ought to move to some town where the citizens have been waiting for someone with a lot of energy (and arrogance) to come along and take charge of their future. Because I sure won’t be the last person to tell you: that town is not Sonoma.

Jim Gilmore


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