‘Love’ ain’t for keeping

EDITOR: I’m writing regarding the Index-Tribune reader poll about whether the temporary “Love” sculpture on the Plaza should be made permanent. The City has always said “no!” to anything on the “sacred grass” in front of City Hall. Believe me, I’ve tried. I would never have imagined that they would authorize this monstrosity to be placed there for any period of time. Don’t get me wrong, I like the “Love,” but it has a place, and it is not where it currently stands. Now we have a beautiful mud pit, front and center. Who is going to pay to repair that?

Maria P. Toimil


Sonoma needs a makeover

EDITOR: We are new residents. I have noticed a stagnant force in the town of Sonoma, to its own detriment. I hope to get involved to help squelch this opposition to what should be normal progress in an established area of the wine country. The town looks tired and dated.

Deb Campbell


Overlook not to be overlooked

EDITOR: My wife and I are part-time Sonoma residents, but one of the resources we have enjoyed since arriving a few years ago is the wonderful Sonoma Overlook Trail just on the northern edge of town.

We especially like the combination of shade and sun, forests and grasses, while making the gentle climb to the top. It’s not even a mile from Mountain Cemetery to the peak and less than a 400-feet elevation gain, but the reward is a stunning view of Sonoma and the surrounding countryside you can’t get anywhere else so close to town. Last week we could see the Salesforce Tower and the Bank of America building looming over downtown San Francisco.

Our only minor complaints were that the trail was very rocky and steep in some areas, and suffered erosion both from downpours and from hikers straying off the paths.

Imagine our delight returning to Sonoma this autumn to find a renovated trail complete with drain dips and water bars, graded and stabilized paths, and a series of beautiful stone steps making the trail even more accessible and inviting. We prefer going up through the cemetery at the top of Second Street East, but you can drive to a number of accessible starting points and park for free everywhere.

We want to thank the Sonoma Overlook Stewards led by Joanna Kemper, Sonoma’s Public Works Department, the Sonoma Ecology Center, and those 12 hardy young people from the American Conservation Experience – how they moved those huge stone steps up the hill will forever remain a mystery. We are grateful to all of you for making a wonderful resource even better.

Richard Weiss