Letters to the Editor, Nov. 13

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So now you know

EDITOR: The Defense Authorization Act of 2008, authorized ununiformed military, covered or uncovered, military retirees and veterans to salute, when the colors are being raised and lowered; the passing of the colors, the playing of the national anthem and taps.

I just learned this, now we can all stand and proudly salute.

Charles G. Avery


We are still here

EDITOR: I never met them. But I know them.

The 11 Jews murdered last month as they worshiped at the Tree of Life Congregation near Pittsburgh could be found in any synagogue, including my own: the former congregational president, the lay leader, the man with the famously dry wit, the shofar (ram’s horn) blower; the ones everybody loved and could depend on.

It could have been any of us. And in a sense, it was.

An attack on one Jew is an attack on all Jews. Thanks to the recent normalization of hate in this country, I don’t expect the Tree of Life incident to be the last. But we will not yield to fear. We will not change who we are, go underground, or submit to terror. In our long history, we have faced down tyrants, fanatics, demagogues and random haters, and we are still here. We will continue to live and worship as Jews as we have for thousands of years.

There will be vigils and prayer gatherings, and (no doubt) heightened security. There will be difficult times ahead for the survivors — actually, for all of us — and walking-on-eggshells Hebrew-school sessions. There will be speeches and resolutions. There will be grief, and anger and, yes, some fear. But we will go on.

We will go on. Because this is what we do.

Neal Ross Attinson


Voted Trump because Clinton lacked integrity

EDITOR: In response to Jette Franks recent letter (“Republicans, You’re Our Only Hope,” Nov. 2). I appreciate your candid plea for understanding of the depraved situation our country is in. Before I answer your questions as to why I voted for Trump, let me tell you a little bit about me.

My parents were staunch Democrats. I was brought up in a quasi-religious home where religion was secondary to moral values. Before the Vietnam War, I was a registered Democrat and had family and loved ones who went to Vietnam when required. They didn’t want war, they just did their duty to country. During that time many of my so-called friends, mostly social democrats, turned against me because I refused to join them in protesting the war and calling our military “baby killers.” I understand that you may not have witnessed the deplorable way our military was treated for many years after the war. This also was a horrible time in our country’s history.

In my adult life, I worked my way through college without the help of Mom and Dad or student grants and went to work for a local government. In my profession, I witnessed numerous social programs supported by your tax dollars. It became obvious to me that throwing more tax dollars to the cause was not the answer to solving the problems of homeless, mental illness, education and child welfare. I don’t have solutions to those problems, but I am hopeful that someday our government representatives will put their “personal wants” aside and work together to solve them. Because of my aforementioned experiences, I am now a registered Republican. I do not always vote my party, I vote my beliefs.

Why did I vote for Trump? Simple, I had no real choice. If the Democratic Party had put anyone else on their ballet, I would have voted for their choice. Why not Hillary? History tells me she has no integrity, no morals and in the game strictly for herself. I am one of her Horrible Deplorables and proud of it. You ask, “What’s going on”? Trump has, from the day he announced he was running, said many things the silent majority has been saying for years. I have heard the social democrats’ cry of “get big business” for too long. Who is that? Common knowledge knows Big Business is Wall Street, your investments and retirement programs that invest in the market. Most of the giant money mongrels are in Washington. My vote was for the lessor of two evils. My vote was for the cry of the silent majority to get political correctness off my back and put people in Washington who will work to solve our social problems.

I also don’t mind if we have a Democratic or Republican government as I feel both are needed to keep us in balance. I agree with you and also long for civility, ethical behavior in our government and throughout our country.

Mary Smith


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