There’s been some good news on the Sonoma exotic animal scene: Safari West just announced the arrival of “one-and-a-half pounds of cuteness.”

The Santa Rosa exotic wildlife sanctuary last month added “stork” to its lineup, as patas monkey Izzie gave birth to a brand new baby. Patas parents Izzie and dad Maurice welcomed the tiny primate who, according to Safari West officials, “arrived hale and hearty and both he and his mother are doing great.”

And there’s been some bad news on the Sonoma exotic animal scene: Some miscreant is making a habit of hurling rocks threw windows at the Snow Leopard Conservancy office on Boyes Boulevard. “This is the fourth time we’ve had a window broken,” Conservancy officials posted this week on Facebook. Fortunately, there were no signs of a break in, they said.

“We are just a small nonprofit working with the people in the high mountain countries of Asia to preserve their environment and traditional cultures in order to protect snow leopards,” concluded the Conservancy post. Hopefully, the rock-throwing reprobates will, in a word, soon change their spots.

Jason Walsh