Letters to the Editor, Sept. 14

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Forget barking dogs; ticket loud cars!

EDITOR: I would suggest the City of Sonoma add one more category to its list of “fleeting violations” that can be cited through this administrative process: loud cars!

There are many cars that cruise through town on a regular basis that have either very loud mufflers – or no muffler at all. I reviewed the city noise ordinance and these loud “muscle cars” most certainly violate the decibel levels allowed through this regulation. It seems to me that these violators should be cited on the spot when observed by any police officer or other official allowed to issue these citations. Maybe that would impact these car owners and alert them to be more considerate and stop disturbing the peace with their cars.

Lastly, why are the trash-disposal trucks allowed to use East MacArthur as a short cut across town almost every single morning between 4:30 and 5:15 a.m.? We can understand this extreme noise taking place on Tuesday morning – which is trash pickup day. But every weekday and Saturday at approximately 5 a.m. is ridiculous. These are the rules and regulations that the majority of us citizens throughout Sonoma are interested in being enforced.

Most of my neighbors and friends in Sonoma are less concerned about dog violations and minor infractions. And much more concerned severe traffic issues.

Thanks for considering this as an issue.

Jennifer Wilson and Scott Keith


Opportunities are knocking

EDITOR: The current labor/employment situation and economic growth in Sonoma and California is creating benefits for all of us individually and for businesses.

There is tremendous demand for employees and staff in most all job categories, which translates into opportunities.

The opportunities are more numerous than the supply of talent currently and this is driving up wages across the board. Strong demand for labor is creating an increase in starting salaries. Businesses are now competing for talented staff.

The demand for products and the expansion of the consumer market is driving business to increase production and expand their capacity.

This economic development over the recent past is a result of the government policies supporting business investment, creating consumer-expansive demand and the positive outlook of small business and the available opportunities for the population at large.

The low unemployment rate and job opportunities has created an environment that is benefiting those seeking a good job, those wanting a better job with better pay and those that want to return to work because of their faith that things are improving!

The situation has caused owners to start to recruit staff from competitors and also drive wages up to retain their staff.

Gary D. Nelson, Nelson Family of Companies


Qualified adults are now running things

EDITOR: What a day for celebration! After $20 million and two years, George Papadopoulos, who was one of the primary “suspects” in the Mueller investigation, got 14 days and community service for lying to the FBI. Now that’s what I call getting your money’s worth. Two years of gossip, collusion, lies, deception and obstruction by the real culprits manages to finally get another non-issue victim of a corrupt Justice and FBI senior cabal. They managed to put this poor kid away for not 14 years, not 14 months, they got him 14 days… Anyone think this 14 days is even fair? It’s clear that there is nothing, nothing to the investigation and it is purely political.

What we have been witnessing are daily attacks, lies and fake news against Donald Trump in what is becoming more obvious every day that this is an attempt at a silent coup to overturn a fair election. It’s time everyone says enough is enough! Obama said, “Elections have consequences and I won” and you lost. Nobody argued with his arrogant-as-always offensive tone. In his case, he obviously had to have known and supported NSA spying on U.S. citizens, having Loretta Lynch kill the investigation into the Clinton illegal server, Clinton Foundation money laundering and this organized effort to CYA this group of “patriots” who are subverting an election, spying on citizens, lying to the FISA judges and getting a half-million dollars on Go Fund Me after being fired for illegal activities at the FBI like Mr. Struk/Stroke who hopefully will be doing time someday soon.

It’s time for all Americans to demand an end to this atrocity and stop wasting time, money and stop this stupid “resistance.” It’s also time for some of these participants to be fitted with orange jumpsuits and get a few years and not a few days. We are one nation and we need to start acting like it or the future will not be one we can look forward to. The left needs to take a breath and get on with life, enjoy the economy and appreciate the economic climate that is not a product of Obama, it’s thanks to the current group of qualified adults running things.

Peter Maushardt


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