Pre-existing punchlines

EDITOR: Just some observations:

Is there a statue of George Washington somewhere in America? He presided over the United States. The South has a statue of Robert E. Lee. He disunited the United States.

Trump-style Medicare plan: Mary Magdalene asks Jesus if he can bring her brother Lazarus back to life. Jesus looks at Lazarus and replies, “Nope. Pre-existing condition.”

Its’ absolutely not true that Trump stops to give himself an admiring kiss in every mirror he passes. This only occurs if he thinks no one is watching. But, Donald, we are all watching you.

And remember, even paranoiacs have real enemies.

Bruce MacDonald


Healing at Home should be brought back to life

EDITOR: Why is the Sonoma Valley Hospital giving up 9,000 home-care visits each year? With that many visits, the SVH should keep “Healing at Home,” renamed in 2014. Why is the SVH Board letting CEO Kelly Mather do this? Wake up board.

Our hospital is here to help all patients from birth to Skilled Nursing to Home Care Services, which started in 1989. If Home Care Services (Healing at Home) is such a vital service why are we handing it over to Hospice by the Bay? Other hospitals have closed their home-care services, but that doesn’t mean we need to just because Mather suggested we do the same.

If the SVH Board of Directors continues to close departments that are of service to the Sonoma residents, we will end up with an emergency room and a few patient rooms available for the sick and surgery recovery. That is not why the SVH is still here! We can’t survive and Kelly and the board are leading us to the end of a hospital that was meant for all patients.

Attend the board meetings if you care about our hospital.

Carolyn Stone


Leaders wanted

EDITOR: The Index-Tribune had an article announcing a training program (“Docents Needed for Local Parks,” Aug. 14), starting Sept., 6 for new docents to serve at our local state historic parks in Sonoma and Petaluma. I’ve served as a docent for almost 14 years and I encourage you to sign up, it’s a lot of fun to meet people from all over the world who want to learn more about our local history. After a couple of hours of showing visitors around the Sonoma Mission I return home stimulated by the questions and conversations. I’ve learned a lot from some visitors who trace their family lineage to the mission era or have academic knowledge that they share with the tour group. And it is a treat to help kids acquire the knowledge they need for their fourth grade mission project. Similar experiences await you as a docent at the other historic parks venues.

Sign up for a worthwhile experience by calling our volunteer coordinator at 938-9647.

Bob Alwitt