Many agree with Trump policies

EDITOR: Responding to Donald Van de Mark’s letter (“The Mob Rules,” July 13), there are many who support President Trump because they agree with the content of his policies.

Rather than name call, let’s engage in a discussion of substance, such as:

* Where do we draw the line between judges making law and interpreting law?

* What do we think about China’s trade practices and how, if at all, should America respond?

* Do all NATO nations adequately support the NATO mission?

* What type of health care insurance system to we need and what role should individual choice play?

* Are tax cuts a plus for economic growth and if so, does that benefit outweigh the impact they have on the national debt?

Discussing issues can bring comity back into our political discourse.

Alec McAndrew


LPG tankers in wildfire season

EDITOR: Our family of six live on the east side of Sonoma, and I was alarmed by a couple of recent letters to the I-T. Norm Gilroy wrote about the danger of catastrophic explosion of the tanker cars in the Northwestern Pacific Railroad storage yard near Shellville, in the event a wildfire should reach the area (“LPG Tankers? Well Blow Me Down!” June 12). (I also did not appreciate the glib headline above such a serious issue). Then the following week another letter (“LPG Storage on Shaky Ground,” June 19) pointed out that an earthquake on the Rodgers Fault could also detonate the LPG railcars, and the storage site is just a couple of miles from the edge of town.

I hope that the Index-Tribune will do some research and write a follow-up article that clarifies the dangers, and suggest possible remedies or protections. Let us Sonomans know who we can contact to initiate the actions that could help protect our town and families, especially as we face markedly increased wildfire risk every summer and fall nowadays.

Richard Chadwin


SDC a technical school?

EDITOR: In the June 28 edition of the Press Democrat, David Sortino wrote why Santa Rosa needs a technical high school. I have for long believed that not every person wants or needs a college education, but would prefer access to a training program in a hands-on profession. Mr. Sortino mentions a four year technical school, with jobs such as carpenter, plumber, electrician, hairdresser, dental hygienist, preschool teacher, and I would include auto mechanics and roof installation, among some others.

Therefore, I am offering a suggestion to any committee studying the prospects for the closing Sonoma Developmental Center to consider very seriously using some part of the facility for a technical school, and call upon Mr. Sortino as the very qualified consultant that he is. It could be large enough to accommodate Sonoma County students, as well as perhaps some from neighboring counties. It would also provide a number of new jobs, to replace some of those we are now losing with the closure. I hope any committee will consider this feasibility.

Dorothe Andrews