Red is the new yellow

EDITOR: The Time magazine image of a crying almost 2-year old Honduran girl was a deliberate attempt to provoke outrage of separating parents and children at the border. The Washington Post (no apologist for President Trump) responded that the child was not separated from her mother, who was asked to put the child down as the mother was routinely patted down. I can’t tell you how often I’ve been patted down at airport screening. The agent asked if the child was OK and the mother said she was tired and thirsty. It was 11 p.m. at night.

The Washington Post set the record straight on Time’s misleading magazine cover. In your editorial of June 22 (“Across the Great Divide”), you wrote, “babies ripped from their mama’s bosoms.” If you know anything about journalism you would recognize your charge as yellow journalism. The situation is problematic enough without small town editors roiling the ignorant public. Do the right thing and retract your accusation.

June England


Auld lang zoom!

EDITOR: The fireworks are beautiful, inspiring, expensive, all that. Considering the fire disasters that happen every year, perhaps we should have an even safer 4th of July and save the big bangs for New Year’s Eve, perhaps.

Ruth Hoppe


Obama, Bushes, Clinton… you’re our only hope

EDITOR: We’re all well aware of the accepted political protocol that says, former presidents don’t comment on or criticize sitting presidents. I suppose that’s ordinarily a sound idea and a civil way to go about our democracy, but we are not in ordinary times, and we have a president that has taken us to extraordinary limits in both his character and policies. This comes as news to no one who has watched the man’s actions and is alarmed by the directions he wants to take this country.

If there was ever a time for the ex-presidents to speak up and address what’s happening in our nation it’s now. In his drive to be held unaccountable and above the law this president has broken the rules and precedents established over 250 years of government, and in so doing presents a clear and present danger to the political system that governs us.

There is no other political body, save the judicial, that can counter this president’s ambitions and goals, and the highest court is soon to be drastically weighted to partisan interests, perhaps for generations to come. Therefore the only small group of political leaders that can influence the public’s consciousness, and whose voice can be heard above the clamor and chaos and vitriol generated by the current president must be sounded. And the time is now, for tomorrow may well be too late.

Will Shonbrun

Boyes Springs