Last year Al Iapicca wrote in with a “glass empty” nomination for the vandals who’d ripped down every basketball net in the courts behind Sonoma Valley High School just a few days after a couple of do-gooders spent hours putting them up.

Well, reports Al, “the effort of some eternal optimists have prevailed.”

It seems brand new nets were once again installed at SVHS a few weeks back, and – lo and behold! – Al says they’re still there, “being enjoyed by many kids and adults alike.”

Al says it’s enough to inspire him to dig the B-ball out of his attic, “shake the creakiness out of (his) old body” and head over to shoot some hoops.

“I might even try some of the optimist stuff,” says Al.

In basketball parlance, we’ll just say this is “nothing but net.”

The sign clearly states: “Please do not climb on sculptures.” But pretty much at any moment on the Sonoma Plaza there are kids and adults – and often kids being encouraged by adults, as in the photo above – riding bareback on artist Gwynn Murrill’s bronzed deer, several of which are on display as part of the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art’s outdoor art exhibition, “Natural Affinity: California Women Sculptors in the Landscape.” The museum may have described the exhibit as being about “a shared concern for… human-animal interests,” but side-saddling Bambi in the service of your Instagram page isn’t what they had in mind.

Jason Walsh