Reality check for Sonoma: Cannabis is legal

EDITOR: I was at the farmers market on Friday. I really love Sonoma, by the way. What a wonderful place! I was talking to a fellow, and I ought not to mention him by name, and we were talking about how Sonoma doesn’t have a cannabis dispensary. It seems that a lot of people support medicinal cannabis use, but don’t actually want a dispensary. A dispensary is just like a pharmacy or any other business. The reality is that cannabis is legal now, even for recreational use. If Sonomans really want to purchase some, they can do that already. To opt not to allow a dispensary is to give away a lot of tax dollars to Cotati or, soon, to Napa. If crime or traffic were going to get worse, it already would have done so. It’s not. In places with dispensaries, crime goes down, as does opioid abuse. The only reason it was ever criminalized was because it competed with corporate profits. It’s true. That’s also why it stayed illegal for so long, because it competes with pharmaceuticals, alcohol and even tobacco.

Jason Kishineff

American Canyon

You get what you paid for

EDITOR: I am always amazed by the “buyer’s remorse” expressed by voters who (apparently) fail to read or understand the text of measures they vote on.

The wording of the 2016 Sonoma Valley Unified School District bond measure, Measure E, is still available online, as is the “impartial analysis” prepared by the office of the Sonoma County Counsel:

“As required by state law Measure E prohibits using bond proceeds for teacher or administrator salaries…

“Money raised by the bond sales can only be used for the projects stated in the Bond Project list… Projects include… constructing outdoor learning and athletic facilities…”

Don’t think you can say it more clearly than that.

Stephen Hunt


Business is booming, at least it should be…

EDITOR: I’ve enjoyed reading Lorna Sheridan’s business reporting pieces in the Index-Tribune this past week (“A New Life for the Cooperage,” “New Eatery Wants to Be Plaza ‘Focal Point,’” May 22). It’s refreshing to see new possibilities for our town presented with context and based on fact.

Many of us who live here embrace the addition of new businesses that we and our visitors will find engaging. Some of us, a minority I believe, are against change in any form.

Thanks to your reporting, I hope those who are perennially against anything new might be able to broaden their horizons.

Nice work!

Sue Simon