Glass Full

Jane and Chuck Mathewson are offering “thanks (and many smiles)” to whomever decorated the “forlorn little pine tree” on Arnold Drive, across from the Chantarelle development.

The Charlie Brown-like shrub has been bedazzling commuters since early March when someone – the Easter bunny? – decked it out with bright and, by the looks of it, hand-made Easter ornaments.

And that’s no small feat, considering the narrowness of that road’s shoulder!

We echo the Mathewson’s sentiment: “(It was) kindness we didn’t know we needed, until there it was. May it return to you many times over.”

Glass Empty

Life was no bowl of cherries last month for Sandra Donnell, who wrote in to express “sadness and disappointment” after discovering on March 8 that somebody had stolen the signs off their Cherry Cider stand on Highway 121, which had been in place since her family first owned the stand in 1941.

“While it has been many years since cherry cider has been offered at this roadside stand we, as landowners, have tried to maintain the iconic landmark,” said Sandra, who added that they’d recently had the signs repainted in an effort to keep them attractive for passersby. She said it is reportedly the oldest stand of its kind in Sonoma County.

“We ask that folks keep a lookout for the four signs in shops offering vintage goods and online sales sites,” said Sandra.