Common ground on gun control

EDITOR: I am the proud mom of one of the organizers of the student walkout last Wednesday at Sonoma Valley High School in remembrance of the 17 victims of the mass shooting last month in Parkland, Florida (“Students: Never Again!” March 16). I am also the proud mother of a gun owner. While my daughter is leading chants at the high school, my son is considering ordering ammunition. How do we come to the table together and discuss the important issue of gun control? Actually there is much to agree on.

We agree that responsible, licensed gun owners should be allowed to keep guns in their homes. We agree that assault weapons and the accessories that make them even more lethal should be banned. We agree that politicians should represent their constituency and not be owned by the profit and power driven National Rifle Association. We agree that legal gun owners and hunters really have nothing to fear when they hear the term “gun control.” We are heartened, encouraged and hopeful that gun reform is on the horizon and fully support the young activists who are leading this charge.

My message: there is no conflict here. Perhaps there are other families like ours? Let’s be an example for common sense gun laws.

Suzanna Bon


The buck is mightier than the pen

EDITOR: Why, oh why, charge $750 for an authors festival in Sonoma and bring it from Marin? Ditto to the letter from Jette Franks (“Authors Festival a Closed Book to Locals,” March 16).

Journalism, writing, the grand art of using words to use our voices is also gone to big bucks?

Katy Byrne


Does Rep.

Thompson believe in police state?

EDITOR: I want to know why Congressman Mike Thompson, who talks about Trump like he’s crazy and dangerous at town hall meetings, voted to give Trump unlimited ability to make war? That seems a bit disingenuous, doesn’t it? If he thought Trump was so reckless, why would he have voted that way? And why did he vote for the FISA Act. I would like to hear his explanation, because he also voted for the Patriot Act, re-authorized it under Obama and has voted to militarize police forces, more than once. He does really well on many issues, but does our Congressman believe in a police state where the government has unlimited ability to spy on its own citizens? Because that’s how he’s voted. I want to know.

Jason Kishineff

Green Party Congressional candidate, American Canyon