Sonoma going to the dogs

EDITOR: Life’s simple pleasures: Saying good morning to the dogs as they walk their caretakers along the Brazil loop, and appreciating nature as it slowly erodes from our view.

Trish Hunter


To the salt of the earth

EDITOR: The common man should have a voice. For the most part it is assumed that the average Joe is unread. I disagree. I believe that what he would be interested in reading is not everyone’s cup of tea. He prefers coffee. Why have we made everything so expensive?

Much of what is provided as reading material does not have his interests in mind. A majority of reading material has more to do with somebody’s personal agenda.

They have an axe to grind. People write with a profit in mind, a thought-out plan, some grand design.

Does anybody remember laughter?

Referencing someone as common sounds like a put down. These are the people that do most of the living and dying in our community.

The common man is a noble creature. He has to be, honesty is his reputation. Only the fortunate few are going to get to build a house on a hill. Who will build it?

They support the majority of the town’s businesses whether that be the town newspaper or the local grocery. They provide the majority of the town’s services.

Whether he be a ditch digger or Andrew Jackson.

The strength of the average man shoulders the burden on which our society succeeds or fails. The shoulders on which the elite stand. The charity that supports the less fortunate.

So if you’re looking down upon the guy whose shoes are wearing out, whose jeans are wearing thin, remember we need him more than he needs us. These are the knights who build our kingdoms, change our tires, and protect our homes and children.

He shouldn’t have to belong to the same church or drink the Kool-Aid to have a place to live and receive medical care. Who can afford it?

They pay the majority of the community’s taxes. Often they are overworked and underpaid. When you see a man and woman together with a child you are witnessing a miracle.

Send in the three wise men.

The Unknown Soldier has a grave.

The common man deserves a statue.

He deserves a voice and laughter.

Eric Heine

Glen Ellen

Clydesdales that lay the golden egg

EDITOR: Charm, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Obviously many tourists and locals find our downtown, rural roots, and hillsides charming and special.

These are reasons to come here. If we change downtown to be like other places, then why come here? If we fill our open spaces with mansions, resorts and other developments, then we won’t be so special.

The Clydesdale farm has been a special favorite of locals and tourists for a long time. I don’t want to get into property rights, legal fights, and City Hall but let’s not kill our favorite goose who lays such beautiful golden eggs.

Richard Raley