Drummers drumming not happy about this either

EDITOR: Open letter to the City Council or whomever decides the Plaza tree-lighting dates. Sonoma lit the Plaza Nov. 18, the weekend before Thanksgiving, and turned them off on Jan. 4 or 5, I believe. The tree lighting ceremony for Rockefeller Center this past season was Nov. 29, after the Thanksgiving weekend. The lights in New York are turned off on Jan. 7. I think they get something in New York that Sonoma doesn’t. Jan. 6 is the 12th day of Christmas, aka King’s Day in New Orleans, Three Kings Day in Mexico and Latin America and a large part of Europe, aka the Epiphany. The beginning of Carnival season follows. Jan. 6 is a bigger day of celebration than Christmas in a large part of the world. Some might get the impression that Sonoma only has 11 days of Christmas, but an extra week in advance to go shopping. A lot of people draw a complete blank on this, but it’s something I thought about when the lights went out.

Christopher Prete


Support Sonoma’s resilient youth

EDITOR: Four Sonoma Valley nonprofits are dedicating their efforts to ensure that our students recover from the trauma and stress caused by the October wildfires.

The Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance, Sonoma Valley Boys and Girls Club, Sonoma Charter School and Hanna Institute all are focused on addressing the emotional wellness needs of our local youth. The “resiliency” programs and extensive resources provided by their staffs have put a financial strain on these four groups. They are providing a much needed and professional service to our community and they deserve our financial support.

Dr. Robert Macy and his staff at International Trauma Center (ITC) have been working with these four nonprofit groups and with the larger Sonoma community for the past few years. ITC specializes in program development that addresses the emotional and social wellness needs of young people and is currently involved in this critical “resiliency” work.

Because resilience programs are now essential to Sonoma Valley, Marcia (Nelson) and I have agreed to underwrite a special benefit event for the nonprofits currently offering resilience interventions.

On March 10 at Hanna, PBS star and award-winning pianist and master storyteller, Richard Glazier will perform “Our Love is Here to Stay… the Music of George and Ira Gershwin,” featuring acclaimed singers Michael Andrew and Natalie Cordone. Together they’ll celebrate George & Ira Gershwin with performances of their best loved songs from Broadway and Hollywood, and everyone’s favorite, “Rhapsody in Blue.”

Ticket proceeds will be divided equally between the four nonprofits. One hundred percent of the ticket price is tax deductible.

Ticket information is available at www.gershwinforgood.org.

Please join us for this important and wonderful event on March 10!

Gary D. and Marcia L Nelson


Put a lid on pot!

EDITOR: Sonoma should not allow activities that violate federal law. So, please, no dispensaries or weed consumption on the Plaza (or elsewhere) until our federal representatives decriminalize marijuana.

Alec McAndrew