Glass full

Here’s a Glass Full entry that pulls more than just heart strings. In an age when music and the arts take second fiddle in most school district budgets, Sonoma Valley High School music director Casey Jones reports that an anonymous donor last month supplied the school’s music program with six violins and two cellos.

”With the current set of instruments the music department has, this brings our instrument supply up to almost a class set of 25 instruments,” said Jones. “When I started four years ago we only had two working violins.”

In fact, the SVHS Strings Club debuted the eight new instruments at the annual winter concert last month.

Now that’s music to our ears.

Glass empty

Rosemary writes in with perhaps 2018’s most thought-provoking question thus far: “Who steals original art from a grade school?”

And we have to admit: We’re stumped.

In mid December, Presentation school eighth grader Riley Wilde sketched out a pair of nutcrackers on the campus’s chapel doors, after which a handful of talented students brought them to life with a dazzling display of Yuletide color. But it seems Santa and his elves weren’t the only ones keeping watch that week – as during a CYO basketball tournament the weekend before Christmas someone made off with the festively painted portals.

“I installed them last Thursday and they were here on Friday and then when we arrived on Monday they were gone and the tape was just hanging,” laments Rosemary. “Can you believe this? I am heartbroken.”

Purloined children’s holiday decorations in the days before Christmas? Perhaps the Grinch’s small heart didn’t grow three sizes after all.

Jason Walsh