Letters to the Editor, Dec. 29 - Jan. 1

Now that customers have become accustomed to the 'reduced comfort' of the two-ply, the paper industry will feel emboldened to put four-ply in their sights, warns letter writer.


Caveat ‘rumptor’

EDITOR: I am afraid that we have become blind and dumb by the advertising industry and we are been cheated.

I also want to thank you for the heartwarming article, “A Late-Life Bar Mitzvah.”


Look at your over the counter medication; check the number of pills on each box and how much “active” ingredient is in each pill, capsule, liquid or powder.

A couple of days ago I notice that the previous container had 14 capsules with 22.3 mg on each capsule but my new one had 14 capsules with only 20.0 mg on each. Surprise! I have no idea if any other drug company is following suit in such an underhanded, unethical behavior. I am just telling you: “let the buyer beware.”

The paper industry has been doing this reduction for years. Anyone remember the first double toilet paper that was so big it didn’t fit in the bathroom space? That was a long time ago; but now that we are so used and comfortable with the reduced version of the double – watch out – the quadruple is already advertised and in the market shelves; that is a decrease of real product from just a couple of years ago. No wonder we have lots of empty rolls in the small bathroom trash can.

Caveat emptor.

Helena Friedmann


VOMWD throwing us under bus

EDITOR: Valley of the Moon Water District’s explanation (“Valley of the Moon Water Rates to Rise,” Dec. 19) for the announced rate increase does not tell the whole story and is at best self-serving. What is not discussed is the substantial rate increases for properties with low or moderate consumption to rise on July 20 by 40 percent, simultaneously the highest water users will see their bills reduced by 40 percent. The five-year plan proposed by VOMWD has low and moderate user’s bills rising to over 70 percent! This kind of rate increase is unprecedented and makes a mockery of the statement given in the VOMWD Prop 218 notice that states, “The Valley of the Moon Water district is dedicated to keeping costs and customers’ bills as low as possible.”

These new rates also include 8 percent increases for wages and 10 percent increases for benefits and will continue to rise for the next four years with wages increasing 36 percent and benefits to 46 percent by 2021. These kinds of wage increases show the board and management does not have a grip on reality. In addition the new rates also include additional funding for reserves and since VOMWD currently has a reserve of over $5 million, which is higher than current goals for reserves, the need for additional funds for this rate increase is questionable.

It appears that the Board and district management have taken the view that because one high use individual stated that he would sue, the district should therefore take the most conservative rate position, which essentially throws the other 70 percent of customers who are trying to conserve water under the bus. There are other alternative ways to cost water besides using a two tier system that is neither smart nor fair to the majority of users. We need only to look at what neighboring water districts are doing to make various rate plans for their users which are equitable for all.

To have your voice heard please make sure to attend the public hearing on Jan. 2 at 6:30 p.m. at the water district’s El Verano office.

Steve Rogers

Sonoma Valley