Poll results: Did you like the Paley sculptures on the Plaza?


The Sonoma Valley Museum of Art’s heralded foray into public art came to a close this week after five months in the downtown – as several large pieces from renowned metal sculptor Albert Paley were trucked away from their temporary “gallery” on the Plaza and surrounding sites. We asked readers what they thought of the museum’s roaming Renaissance – and, as expected in Sonoma, everyone’s a critic. Some loved the Paley sculptures and look forward to more public exhibits, while others weren’t quite ready for the voluminous “objets d’art.”

Nevertheless, the museum was certainly successful in its primary goal: The exhibits got people talking, thinking and reacting to world-class art. And who doesn’t want that?

Here are a few of the more passionate responses:

Albert Paley is a world-renowned sculptor. We are fortunate to have his work displayed in our town.

General Vallejo’s is cool... the modern stuff... just unnecessary.

We need more public art in this town not less. Great work!

I don’t like these sculptures at all. They do not add historical meaning, they have ruined the grass and plant life, and they are a hazard to children. They don’t have any connection to Sonoma.

I like the General Vallejo statue, but don’t appreciate the other abstract sculptures: I assume these are the Paleys. They look like poorly executed Louise Neville sculptures. But having some sculptural art in the Plaza is a good concept.

Just adds visual noise to our country town square. Best to be elsewhere.

Not crazy about them, but art is subjective and it doesn’t make me angry that they are there.

No thanks – don’t fit in. Does “sore thumb” sound familiar?

The sculptures are interesting and I am a fan of public art. I love one, like a few, not sure about the others. But what I do love is public art that sparks conversation. I’m appreciative of everyone who took their time and energy to make this happen for Sonoma. I look forward to the next phase.

They’re fine, as long as they are temporary.

Totally out of sync with the Plaza. I love it. Safe art is so boring.

Too small and too “safe” as public art. Feels as if I were viewing maquettes. Please – give us more public art that is bolder.

Very nice. Nice to look at.