Letters to the Editor, Nov. 7 - 9

The Sonoma City Council. (Photo by Robbi Pengelly/Index-Tribune)


Progress, not process…

EDITOR: In a reflective mood, as many of us are after what we’ve just been through together, I have a short list of hopes for post-firestorm Sonoma:

· We continue to work together to look after each other and make Sonoma an even better place to live.

· We drop the NIMBY attitude toward affordable housing. The SAHA project being a case in point.

· We extend a warm embrace to our friends and neighbors in the wine business whose vineyards, in many cases, helped protect the flanks of our town as the fires threatened to come down the hills into town.

· We get over our aversion to tourists and understand that visitors are crucial to our economy. Their absence is palpable these last few days on the streets and at the cash registers.

· Our City Council members, fueled by the unity of purpose and momentum they showed during the emergency, find a way to focus on progress rather than process.

That last point, about City Council, is the most crucial. Without a City Council which can act collectively in the best interests of our city, effectively pursuing an agenda that moves us forward, we are dead in the water.

Our current Council appears to be mired in process. Council members are focused more on second guessing City staff and City commissions, revisiting issues that have been debated, decided and put to rest years ago, and openly feuding on the dais.

Please, City Council, honor our precious town by working together to move us forward. We deserve it.

Sue Simon


Reinstate Bordelon!

EDITOR: We were shocked and saddened by the abrupt and inappropriate termination of our beloved principal, John Bordelon, by Robert Jordan. We are demanding Mr. Jordan be relieved of his position immediately due to his lack of concern and harm he has done to the students, faculty and parents. We also demand immediate reinstatement of John Bordelon as principal. We love Mr. Bordelon and everything he has accomplished at Justin-Siena. He is the reason we enrolled our two boys. He has done more good for Justin than anyone in the school’s history.

Extremely concerned for the future of Justin.

Steve and Terri Lee

Concerned JS parents

Thriving under Bordelon

EDITOR: I’m emailing in support of Justin Siena’s principal, Mr. Bordelon. I’m a parent with two students. Students and staff are thriving there since Mr. Bordelon took this position. We need him reinstated of his position and letting Mr. Jordan go. Please help us!

Maria Aguilar


Shortsighted and heartless!

EDITOR: I am writing in hopes to help bring back Mr. Bordelon.

Our family has two children who attend Justin-Siena. We have a sophomore and a junior.

John is a very warm and kind man who puts all of the kids and families first. The tone of the school campus has been enhanced by his programs and presence in the school.

My children are stressed and shaken by the sad news thrown at them last Monday morning.

In a time when our school and community need our “All Heart” approach and support, the decision maker, Robert Jordan, couldn’t have been more shortsighted and heartless!

I am furious with the timing of this decision, the lack of transparency and the lack of respect shown to our high school’s, students, parents and faculty! It was as if we woke up to another fire but this one could have and should have been prevented!

I pray with my whole heart and I will do whatever I can to help reinstate John Bordelon. I will support the removal of Robert Jordan if he is found to have made this decision based on an emotional decision due to irreconcilable differences between the two men.

I pray for our “All Heart” community and I am proud of everyone pulling together for this very import cause!

The Hoban family

Justin-Siena community