Enrique Alcaraz Estrada is the kind of student teachers dream about, says Sassarini Elementary School principal Andrew Ryan. “His work ethic is unwavering and he is the child who is always doing the right thing at the right time,” said Ryan. In class, his teachers describe him as an avid participator and teacher fact-checker. He works well with his peers and when finished with his own assignments will voluntarily seek out others that he can assist. Enrique is currently serving as president of Sassarini’s Student Council, elected by his peers.

When he is not participating in school activities he is a devoted student of Tae Kwan Doe where he is currently working towards his test for red belt level.

Enrique plans to go to college where he might like to study to be an architect.

His combination of kindness, and moral ethics combined with his straight A average in all his academics, are why Sassarini staff members are honored to call him this year’s Student of the Year.

Nevaeh Barrera-Hernandez’s teachers say that they are thrilled to honor her hard work and achievements by naming her a Sassarini’s Student of the Year. Nevaeh is a student with a strong drive to achieve, they say. Her ambition has given her the courage to overcome her natural tendency to be shy and reserved.

This year Nevaeh has been a hand raiser. She asks insightful questions and she recently delivered a “spectacular” campaign speech to a packed gymnasium, where she won the school election for student council vice president. Nevaeh’s teachers have always been aware of her command of herself that shows in her constant kindness and respect and focus in the classroom.

This year they are especially proud to see Nevaeh’s talents more boldly on display than ever. In addition to her school responsibilities, Nevaeh helps her parents at home and is a member of a nationally competitive cheerleading team that is soon on its way to Las Vegas for championships.

Nevaeh is not yet sure of her plans after high school. She would like to be a baker.. or President!