Over the course of this school year, five Sonoma Valley High School seniors are working on their senior projects at Pets Lifeline. Each student will need to complete 10 hours working as a shelter assistant, and then progress to working on their particular project area.

Andrew Boccaleoni is investigating animal cruelty and poaching, and producing a spring fundraiser for Pets Lifeline.

Blanca Castellon is focusing on animal care and welfare, and creating a public campaign for particular Pets Lifeline dogs that have been at the shelter for a significant amount of time.

Briseyda Garcia is learning to how to become a canine handler, working with shelter dogs to improve their basic obedience skills, and helping to find forever homes for Pets Lifeline canines through a variety of advertising methods.

Silvan Kopp is completing canine-handler training and creating/distributing a promotional video intended to promote the adoption of rescue dogs.

Calvin Westling is creating a promotional campaign incorporating print and social media methods to promote the mission of Pets Lifeline.

“We’re grateful for... the high school students whose senior projects help Pets Lifeline in a variety of ways, including working as shelter assistants, fundraising and helping promote particular pets through social media,” said Michael Fontaine, of Pets Lifeline.