The fourth grade class at Woodland Star Charter School participated in an overnight field trip where they learned about a unique part of California history. The Environmental Living Program at Fort Ross State Historic Park provides hands-on learning for fourth, fifth and sixth graders.

Children are immersed for a brief time in a Russian establishment on the west coast of North America during the early 1800s.

Students, parents, and teachers research and take on specific characters who lived at Fort Ross, and come in costume prepared to role play that character during their stay.

Through performing some of the tasks that were a part of daily life at Fort Ross such as cooking all their meals in an outdoor kitchen, fishing and “hunting” for their food, gardening, making candles, collecting and stacking firewood, guarding the perimeter, trading, practicing artisanal crafts, dancing, and generally working hard for the company, children gain a better understanding of history and their relationship to it.

The Fort Ross Field Trip is a regular part of the fourth grade curriculum at Woodland Star Charter School.