As of last month, almost three dozen teachers and district staff had announced that they would be retiring at the end of the 2017 to 2018 school year, representing almost 500 years of service to the district.

Altimira Middle School

Jorge Reis, teacher, 25 years

Lisa Tremblay, teacher, 36 years

El Verano Elementary School

Timothy Curley, teacher, 22 years

Stephanie Cusick, teacher 27 years

Barbara McInnis, office manager, 32.5 years

Debra Zafrin, instructional assistant, 30.5 years

Flowery Elementary School

Melissa Keylon, teacher, 20 years

Prestwood Elementary School

Susan Foshay, teacher, 24 years

Anne Estes, teacher, 21 years

Ellanor Katzel, teacher, 28 years

Peggy McClure, teacher, 21 years

Salvatore Pagano, teacher, 21 years

Beth Vallee, teacher, 11 years

Sonoma Valley High

Sherry Anderson, school community liason, 15 years

Yvonne Castro, kitchen manager, 13 years

Michael Gregg, teacher, 17 years

Mary Klenow, college/career office, 17.5 years

Brian McCracken, campus supervisor, 13.5 years

Maintenance and operations

Kenneth Frye, building trades technician, 14 years


Beth Heid, psychologist, 15 years

Lorie Kilpatrick-Thomas, speech pathologist, 23 years

District office

Loyal Carlon, human resources, 8 years