Beginning in November, a team of nine teaching artists began developing art projects for the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art with more than 750 fourth and fifth grade students in Sonoma Valley.

The team created unique art projects for Sonoma elementary students themed to the museum’s current exhibitions, “Libros de Artista: Artist’s Books from Mexico and the Mexican Diaspora” and “An Eye for Adventure: Photographs by Jack London.”

Students from Flowery Elementary, El Verano Elementary, Sonoma Charter School, Presentation School, St. Francis Solano School, Sassarini Elementary, Dunbar Elementary, and Prestwood Elementary created the art works represented in 17 different installations in the museum.

“Visitors will notice that the student works are a beautiful extension of their initial inspirations: books and photographs – storytelling at it’s finest,” says Diane Aoki of the SVMA.

SVMA’s teaching artists included Sarah Parker, Gina Melara, Cindy Imhoff-Bruininks, Jill Valavanis, Diane Egger-Bovet, Alice Pennes, Elizabeth Feroze, Rosemary McNeely, and Gary Griffith.

The student exhibition, presented in tandem with the Libros and London shows between March 28 and April 15, will be celebrated with a Family Art day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, April 14.

The community is invited to join in a day of art making for all, including a Valley Vibes youth orchestra performance at 2 p.m.

“When students engage in a creative process, there’s much more activated than meets the eye,” said Aoki. “They observe, imagine, express, study, articulate and share. And, with the guidance of a caring mentor, experience a sense of accomplishment and develop their own personal depths on myriad levels.”

SVMA’s A.R.T.S Program is funded by the Community Foundation of Sonoma, Sonoma Plein Air Foundation and Rosemary and Kevin McNeely.