There are a few summer programs, both locally and further afield, specifically designed for gifted children.

1) Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth has programs for children in grades 2 and up, including online programs and residential summer programs, visit

2) Summer Institute for the Gifted offers programs for Gifted and Talented Youth ages 5 to 17, including summer residential programs for ages 9 and up on various college campuses throughout the country.

3) Camp Summit for the Gifted is a week-long overnight summer camp designed specifically for gifted students ages 9 through 14.

3) The Gifted Students Academy, held at UC Irvine offers one week programs (student choose two subjects) for grades 4 and up. A number of Sonoma students have done this sleepaway program and the reviews have been excellent.

4) UC Berkeley ATDP: The Academic Talent Development Program for grades K-11 centers on challenging summer classes for high achieving and motivated young scholars.

5) EXCEL for Youth for grades 4-9 takes place each summer at Sonoma State University. Although EXCEL is not designated as being specifically for gifted children, the classes are appropriate for this population. Classes range from art, to science, computer classes, theater, writing, career exploration, and more. Registration opens on Wednesday, March 7.

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