Nearly two dozen Sonoma Valley High School students who are actively involved in the school’s Agriculture Academy pathway attended the Sacramento Wine & Grape Symposium on Thursday, Jan. 25. The students, enrolled in Viticulture and Agriculture Business and Management Class at SVHS, got to experience a broad range of what the wine industry has to offer. Many students such as Jason Chiotti and Jamie Pierce said it was a great experience and had intrigued them to become involved in the industry that is extremely important in Sonoma County.

“I enjoyed seeing the big harvesting tractors and the newer technologies used in the winemaking industry,” said Andrew Beatty, a junior at SVHS. At the symposium, students saw different types of engineering, cork making, graphing tools, tractor producers, barrel cleaners and glass making. Overall, students learned about several different opportunities within the wine industry.

This was the first year that SVHS students attended the Sacramento Wine & Grape Symposium.