New words: Oxford Dictionaries’ has chosen “youthquake” as its Word of the Year for 2017. The word is defined as “significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people.” Merriam-Webster’s chose “feminism”; went with “complicit”; while Cambridge Dictionary tagged “populism,” all words that reflect social and political upheavals in 2017.

Great Parents: The Grown and Flown website ran an interesting article on “12 qualities we admire in great parents.”

1. Great parents realize they are being watched and act as a model for their children for their rest of their lives.

2. Great parents know about their place in the universe. They understand that their world may revolve around their children, but the real one doesn’t.

3. Great parents delve deeply into their children’s passions.

4. Great parents have a healthy relationship with money, food and alcohol.

5. Great parents model good sibling relationships.

6. Great parents are willing to tell their child the truth. They are candid when their children are not that good at something and know that then their compliments will carry much more weight.

7. Great parents show the same enthusiasm for each child and don’t play favorites.

8. Great parents require that their children live up to their potential.

9. Great parents stand firm.

10. Great parents realize that anxiety is contagious.

11. Great parents adapt to each child.

12. Great parents never confuse who is the adult and who is the child.

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Coat drive: Bridget Paul and her students at Altimira Middle School are organzing a coat drive for local fire survivors and other “chilled” members of our community. Drop off warm clothes anytime at Altimira on or before Friday, Jan. 19.

Parenting class: Kimberly Hackett, parent coach, will be leading a workshop on Tuesday, Jan. 23 at the Sonoma Community Center. Leave with a model that will help you have confidence in parenting and a stronger connection with your child. Learn more about Hackett at or visit for more information.

Ping-Pong Pizza fundraiser: Adele Harrison Middle School is hosting a ping-pong and pizza fundraiser at Suite D on Friday, Jan. 19. There will be dinner, drinks and table tennis, plus music and dancing with Sonoma Sound Syndicate. The money raised will help ensure the school’s 2018 musical, “The Lion King,” Safe School Ambassadors and a college field tour trip. Buy tickets at

Paramedic training: SRJC Paramedic Academy is offering two orientations for prospective students. The first session is Tuesday, Jan. 16 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. More info is at

Graffiti camp: Graffiti Camp for Girls ages 12 to 17 is coming to Santa Rosa for a two-weekend workshop on Jan 20 to 21 and Jan. 26 to 27. Class fee pays for class materials and lunch/snacks. Learn more at

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