How to get emergency alerts

- Text your zip code to 888777 to get text updates

- Or visit

Learn more about breaking news involving law enforcement

- Join the Facebook page “Sonoma County Scanner Updates”

- Join the Facebook page “Sonoma Sheriff”

To hear what the City of Sonoma is saying in the event of an emergency

- Join the Facebook page “Sonoma City Hall”

View a map of the fires



- or

- or

The updated emergency shelter list can be found at


To learn which roads are closed in an emergency


To learn about air quality


To volunteer

- The American Red Cross is managing volunteer opportunities for the fires at 577-7600

- To volunteer at Sonoma evacuation centers, go to the Sonoma Community Center to register

Where can large animals go?

- The SVHS farm is accepting animals that have been displaced by the fires (the end of Larkin Drive)

Still need a hotel?

The SVVB partnered with the San Francisco Hotel Council and SF Travel to offer fire victims special offers at Bay Area hotels. Hotels in SF are starting with a $50 rate and it goes up from there.

More resources: