The SVHS candidates and changes to the tradition this year

Sonoma Valley High School's 2017 Homecoming candidates include (from back left to right) Valentino Battaglini, Dominic Tommasi, Chris Bruton, Rocky Wetzel and Fabian Oseguera. Front from left to right is Louise Murphy, Jenna Ebert, Megan James, Hailey Anguiano and Ellie Bon.


When Sonoma Valley High School welcomed its students back to campus on Oct. 23 after a two-week fire-imposed break, the impact of the fires on the school community was top of mind. But as a sense of normalcy returned for students, thoughts turned to how to reschedule the Homecoming events, which had been set to take place during the week of the fires.

According to SVHS Principal Kathleen Hawing, students took the lead in figuring out how to make it happen, and thanks to much-appreciated flexibility on the part of El Molino High School, which allowed this Friday night’s game to be held at Arnold Field, the traditional festivities are now underway on campus.

The Homecoming parade on Broadway from the high school to the Plaza is set for 1 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 3. The SVHS Leadership class has invited all available first responders to ride on a float during the parade.

New this year will be a special Homecoming (green) lighting of the Plaza at 7 p.m. on Wednesday night, Nov. 1, and the class also hopes that the Sonoma community will join the students downtown. The SVHS band will perform at 6:45 p.m..

During the festivities of Sonoma Valley High School’s final home football game on Friday, Nov. 3, the students will announce their Homecoming King and Queen for 2017. The candidates are:

Rocko Wetzel, 17, is the son of Mike and Catalina Wetzel. He played junior varsity football for two years and varsity for two years. He is involved in the Including Special Friends club at the high school. After he graduates, he hopes to go into a union with his dad.

Louise Murphy, 17, is the daughter of Kathy and Jim Murphy. She has been an active equestrian since age 5, and enjoys spending her days with her horse, Lobo. Besides hostessing at the Red Grape, Louise donates her time at Giant Steps Therapeutic Center, Sonoma Education Foundation and the Sonoma Mentoring Alliance. Among other clubs, she is a part of the First Saturday Club and Specials Friends at school. After high school, Louise plans to attend a four-year university to study nursing, and wants to bring her horse with her.

Megan James, 17, is the daughter of Dyan and Dylan James. She has been a part of the SVHS Dance Team for four years and has been the captain for two years. Outside of school, she has been participating in Broadway Bound Kids theater since she was 7 years old, and volunteers at the Sonoma Academy of Dance and Arts. She has been a part of Link Crew and the First Saturday Club for two years. After high school, Megan plans on attending a four-year university in Southern California to study theater arts and business.

Valentino Battaglini, 17, is the son of Dino and Monica Battaglini. Valentino has played football all four years at the high school, and played on the varsity team since he was a sophomore. He has also been on the varsity wrestling team for three years. After high school, Valentino plans on attending Santa Rosa JC for two years then transferring to a four-year college where he can get his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Ellie Bon, 17, is the daughter of Sam and Suzanna Bon. She played varsity tennis for a year and club lacrosse and varsity soccer for three years as the goalkeeper. Some of her other hobbies include skim boarding, backpacking and skiing. Ellie has also volunteered for the Sonoma Soup Kitchen and the Brown Baggers. Among other clubs, she is involved in the Women’s Science and Engineering Club, First Saturday, and Empowerment Club. After high school, Ellie plans to attend a four-year university and study either sociology or psychology.

Hailey Anguiano, 17, is daughter of Hilda and Jorge Anguiano. She is the senior class president and has been on the Sonoma High dance team for two years. She is the treasurer of the Including Special Friends Club and Wellness Club, is a part of the Seeds of Learning club and various others. She has been in leadership for two years and was a link crew leader her junior year. Hailey hopes to attend a four-year college in Southern California to pursue dentistry.

Fabian Oseguera, 17, is the son of Rafael and Martha Oseguera. He has played soccer at SVHS for four years, basketball for two years, and he also ran track. He is also an active member of many school clubs. Outside of school, he likes to go around town, picking up trash to make the world a better place. Some of his hobbies are swimming, fostering the childhood of his beloved nephew Ivan, and having quality time with his close friends. After high school, he’d like to attend a four-year university and study architecture or environmental design.

Chris Bruton, 17, is the son of Julie and Keith Bruton. Chris has played basketball at SVHS for two years, water polo for two years, and ran track for two years. He is active in Seeds of Learning and the First Saturday Club, among others. Chris is also actively involved in leadership, and the Plus program. After high school Chris plans on attending a four-year university to study international studies.

Jenna Ebert, 17, and is the daughter of Mara Lee and Fred Ebert. She is the vice president of her senior class. She plays for the varsity soccer and softball team, runs cross country, and her hobbies include skiing and wakeboarding with her family. Jenna has been a part of Teens in Training Musicals with Sonoma Arts Live. She volunteers with her youth group and Seeds of Learning. She is the president of the Wellness Club, and is a member of various others. Jenna hopes to attend a four-year university and study health sciences to become a holistic health coach.

Dominic Tommasi, 16, is the son of Janine and Tony Tommasi. He has competed in four years of varsity water polo and swimming, and is the high school’s current Student Voice. He is the vice president of the First Saturday Club, enjoys playing the ukulele and has been on six nonprofit volunteering trips in three developing countries around the world. He plans on attending school in Southern California to get his credential and work with nonprofits to improve worldwide education.

Photos of the King and Queen will appear after the football game in Tuesday’s edition of the Index-Tribune.

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