The Valley of the Moon Lions Club worked with the Sonoma Valley Fire Department on Sept. 25 to raise a new, industrial American flag at a local school for the second time this year. The first flag was raised at the Dunbar School, and the second at Altimira Middle School.

The Valley of the Moon Lions have pledged to replace and raise a new American flag at all of the schools in Sonoma Valley, as well as provided solar lights to illuminate the flags after dark.

“We appreciate the help of the Sonoma Valley Fire Department in assisting us with the installation,” said Lions member Frank Lucchetti. “The students and staff of the schools are grateful and the enjoy watching the firemen arrive in their trucks to raise the flag.”

After the flag raising at Altimira, students stood before the assembled group to sing the national anthem.

Lucchetti said that Sonoma Valley schools continue to be the focus of the Lion’s community activities.”

“This is a beautiful flag,” said principal Will Deeths. “And it is going to be great to see it flying in the evening.”