Sonoma Valley High School’s Earth Club recently hosted a “Cocoa 4 Carpools” event to inspire students to reduce their carbon footprint by carpooling, biking or walking to campus. Students gathered in the high school courtyard in the morning and were given free hot chocolate, marshmallows and prizes by organizing juniors Emily Webber, Noah Bartolome and Jackson Mighel and seniors Emma Stanfield, Maddy Libbey and Sami Von Gober. The Club’s faculty advisor is Gary Gissell.

The Club members asked students who participated to post photos on Instagram of their ride to school with the hashtag #cocoa4carpools or #eco2schools.

ECO2schools is an initiative out of the Center for Climate Protection in Santa Rosa, and the organization provided planning support and supplies.

“Raising awareness of this issue is really important because CO2 emissions account for 60 percent of Sonoma’s pollution and 30 percent of those emissions come from transportation to school,” said Stanfield. Almost 50 students participated.