Last week, Sonoma Valley High School culinary students presented the tasty results of Porkfolio, the school’s farm-to-fork program in which students raise two hogs for a faux sausage-producing business. Program participants, under the direction of culinary teacher Jonathan Beard, served the sausage to fellow students and a panel of sausage judges. (Disclosure: I was one of the judges.)

The pork they used came from pigs raised by Agriculture Department teacher Karling Skoglund’s freshman students Susana Calderon, Jackie Yanez, Gabriel Naal Ruiz, Cristian Cezares, Juliana Bragg, LyllieRose Singletary, Jesus Guido, Raquel Wirth and Brianna Vides, all members of “The Pig Posse.” Beard warned that it was a “very lean” pig so the sausage might be dry.

Beard said, “We (culinary class) broke them down (butchered) and the kids developed the recipes and made the sausages.”

The winning sausage was a maple bacon breakfast sausage made by the student group Sonoma Sausage, second went to the Andouille sausage by the My Only Sausage team, and Ranchero Sausage’s Chorizo Aromatico was next, followed by King Sausage’s spicy chorizo and Four Porksmen’s Parmesan and sage sausage.