What was life like in Sonoma County in 1949?

With World War II and the Great Depression far behind us, the United States was in the midst of boom both economically and demographically.

In Sonoma County, the median family income was $3,087, the average home cost $7,450, and only 5.9% of the population age 25 and up had a college degree. Poultry and livestock topped fruit and nut crops making $35,045,478 and $18,146,443, respectively in 1949.

Nationally, cars, televisions and other consumer goods were becoming more affordable. RCA perfected a system for broadcasting color television, and the golden age of television had begun.

On the global stage, Mao Tse Tung proclaimed China a communist nation, Apartheid began in South Africa and the U.S. joined 11 other western nations in establishing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to protect Europe from the growing threat of communism emanating from the Soviet Union.

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