Avocados are under the microscope this week in more ways than one, because, according to the Centers for Disease Control, one in five of them have either E. coli or listeria on their skins. So the CDC is recommending washing the outside of avocados with a clean produce brush before cutting into them.

Washing avocados has long been recommended – for the simple reason that most avocado shoppers touch and feel and squeeze each avocado fruit before selecting ones to purchase, imparting all kinds of germs to the avocado skin. Once they’re upon the avocado skin, those germs will cut into the avocado meat along with the knife.

Jennie-O ground turkey, sold in 1-pound and larger packages at Safeway and other grocers, has been recalled for the same reason. Don’t eat it, even though it’s tempting if you don’t have any turkey leftovers.