The Glen Ellen Historical Society is hosting a party to launch its website and a lecture entitled “The True History of Our Glen Ellen,” beginning at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 18, in Mayflower Hall at the Glen Ellen Community Church, 5311 O’Donnell Lane.

The event celebrates the Society’s new website,, which provides an abridged overview of Glen Ellen’s complete history.

“There are six chapters to our history,” said Glen Ellen Historical Society Director Jim Shere of the event’s historical breadth. “The world of the Native Americans up until 1823, the Californio period that covered two decades of Mexican rule until the Bear Flag Revolt, the pioneers who purchased smaller ranches from the original land grants, the settlers that came soon afterwards to farm the ranches, the new century ushered in by the railroads and flourishing agriculture and tourist industries, and finally the modern times that began in the Sixties.”

The function will feature a lecture-style presentation, but will incorporate interactive, discussion-based elements as the audience helps “dispel some cherished beliefs and divulge some surprising little known facts,” said Shere.

The event is free, but donations and membership enrollment is encouraged. Space is limited, so an early arrival is recommended to ensure entry.