Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Makes you wanna move your dancing feet.

We are on the cusp of summer, and Bob Marley got it right.

The tradition continues! You must have been living under a rock for the last 25 years if you don’t know that the Dunbar fifth-grade play is coming up this week end. “Deadwood Desperado” will be performed on the new and improved, very beautiful and lovingly rebuilt Haver Outdoor Stage at Dunbar School. Who will be Lilly Blossom, Molly Loveless or Blackie Redburn this year? Who’s on the sound squad? Director Kate Kennedy makes sure everyone has a role.

This year, the performance is particularly poignant. Rebuilt, literally, on the ashes of the fire, by retired teachers, grateful parents and local carpenters, the outdoor stage is bigger and better than ever. Costumes, props, all have been created from scratch this year. So, while the thunderous hooting and hollering at the end of the show will be for the kids, it will also be for the spirit of endurance and renewal of a grateful community.

This Friday through Sunday, May 25, 26 and 27, the show starts at 6 p.m. But get there earlier at 5 p.m. with your picnic blankets, low beach-style chairs, picnic items and eager participation. $10 general; kids $5; family of four is $25.

Every hot summer we see diligent people standing at bus stops after work, sweating under the hot sun, patiently waiting for the bus. Some must sit on the curb to wait for a bus, or plastic milk crates, or simply stand and wait until the comfortable Sonoma County Transit bus arrives.

A group within the Glen Ellen Forum has been working with Sonoma County Transit to upgrade our village bus stops. Sonoma County Transit would like to install the brightly colored aluminum pre-fab shelters they have in their inventory. But the eager Forum group has convinced them to install something more in keeping with the rural character of Glen Ellen.

Stone and wood shelters were declined by the Sonoma County Transit, but they did agree to wooden benches. To their credit, Sonoma County Transit ordered, paid for, and installed two wooden benches at the south end of town, one at the north end of the old Madrone firehouse property and one at Sonoma Glen Circle. They are using these two as prototype trial benches, and if not vandalized or stolen by summer’s end, they will install wood benches at other bus stops throughout town.

Say it ain’t so, Joe. Word around town is that Roseann Fanucchi of Roseann’s Haircutting is retiring. Every Glen Ellen child got their first hair cut at Roseann’s and her kindness is legendary. Her darling shop is being turned over to a trusted hairdressing friend who will continue the tradition. Watch this space for the news!