Leave town on a culinary trip to Southeast Asia on Sunday, May 20, guided by chef Edward Metcalfe and chef Keo Xayavong. The two chefs will give a demo class, followed by lunch and wine, all included at the Sunset Outdoor Test Kitchen at Cornerstone.

The two chefs will prepare and show guests how to make chicken satay with Thai peanut sauce, Vietnamese spring rolls with sweet chili nuac cham, nam khao (Laotian crispy rice salad) served with lettuce cups, goy ho (Laotian fish salad in lettuce wraps, som tam (green papaya salad), sticky rice cooked in traditional bamboo steamer basket, and mango and sticky rice.

They will also give a brief history of Southeast Asia and its vast culinary reputation. Guests will learn about the Mekong River and its influences on the regional cuisine; Asian herbs and spices and ways to utilize them; different varieties of rice, from sushi rice to jasmine rice, to sweet sticky and glutinous sticky rice. And the big secret to be revealed is where you can buy all of these ingredients nearby. $90 includes demo, class, wine tasting and lunch. 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Register here: http://www.cornerstonesonoma.com/classes-demos/southeast-asian-adventure.