Fans of Saddles chef Dana Jaffe had better get down there this weekend. Mother’s Day will be her last day at the MacArthur Place restaurant, so go give her a big hug. MacArthur Place Hotel and Spa, at 29 E. MacArthur St., was sold last October to IMH Financial Corporation of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Having served at Saddles and MacArthur Place since 2001, working with hotel manager Bill Blum who also has left the building, Jaffe won’t miss a step as she moves immediately to the Sonoma Golf Club where she will be chef for breakfast and lunch.

Jaffe worked at the Sonoma Mission Inn for 12 years before joining Suzanne Brangham, former owner of Saddles. Incidentally, the Fairmont sold the golf course a couple of years ago.

Jaffe told the Index-Tribune, “It is just time to move on and I wish the new owners well. I do want to take the opportunity to thank all of the wonderful people who have supported Saddles and me and my team throughout the years. It has been a joy to serve you.”

In a few months Saddles will close and the restaurant will be moved to another site on the property.