The Sonoma Valley Library will host a gardening workshop, A Healthy Gardens Approach to Weed Management, at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 24.

The workshop will teach the principals of integrated pest management and how to apply them in the vegetable, fruit or landscape plant garden. Integrated Pest Management is a method of dealing with garden pests in a way that considers the whole ecosystem, not just the pest. Strategies and tools will be presented to manage weeds while minimizing risks to people and the environment.

Workshop presenter, DJ DeProspero has been a UCCE master gardener volunteer since 2003, in Santa Clara County and Sonoma County. She is an advocate of using science-based methods in her garden, using as many California native plants as possible, and irrigating as little as possible.

The event is free. The library is located at 755 W. Napa St. For more information contact Sally Sands at