While no Bay Area teams will be playing in the Super Bowl this year, thousands of Sonomans will adopt the game day as an excuse to sit on the couch and eat a bunch of food we know isn’t good for us while trying to watch padded bodies smashing each other.

But one of those favorite foods is actually good for us: guacamole.

And just to help out, Michoacan is exporting more than 100,000 tons of avocados to the United States for this football rivalry. That’s if they get here. With the White House’s disagreements with Mexico, avocados have become increasingly expensive.

Avocados contain Vitamins C, E, and K, and have lots of health benefits, according to medicalnewstoday.com. They are supposed to be good for hearts, vision, bone health, protect against various cancers, help curb depression, improve digestion and prevent some chronic diseases.

Guacamole recipes differ widely, whether if you are from Mexico, travel there, or get your recipe online. If you make your own, add healthy lime juice, tomatoes and onions, and don’t forget your chips of choice. Sliced jicama, carrots, celery or sliced bell peppers make a little more healthy dip sticks.

Other Super Bowl favorites include fried or roasted chicken wings – pre-dipped in batter, frozen, microwaved, barbecued or oven roasted – tender spareribs, popcorn, cookies and lots of other finger foods.

And now Oreo even offers a new flavor, “Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreos” with “cinnamon candy and “real cocoa,” just in time for the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb.4.