Sal Chavez big spirits awards

Sal Chavez, best known in Sonoma for Picazo Café and as a member of the Sonoma Valley School District Board of Trustees and active La Luz board member, also owns Puente Internacional imported spirits, which won several awards in the Spirits of Mexico competition held recently in Texas.

Due to concern that judges would suffer “palate fatigue” after tasting too many 80-plus proof spirits, judges received a box containing one two-ounce bottle of each entry, and granted access to a special blind rating area of the Tequila Matchmaker app where they could record their scores and leave comments.

With the theme of “Bridging the world with beer, wine and spirits,” Puente Internacional’s Tequila Gran Dovejo Reposado and Gustoso Aguardiente Blanco won Best of Class awards. Its La Luna Mezcal, Tequila Gran Dovejo High Proof Blanco, Tequila Gran Dovejo, Tequila Gran Dovejo Añejo and Gustoso Aguardiente Reposado all received silver medals.

Chavez’s La Luna Mezcal has been on the market for over a year. Chavez says, “The white label is a new expression made from Curpreata Agave and Tequilana Agave from the less-represented state of Michoacan in the mezcal world today. It will be available in California as well, but Chicago and New York have been our top territories for La Luna Mezcal thus far.”

Back at the ranch, meaning Picazo Café, the family has painted the building and enhanced the ordering area and dining room. They still serve their popular burgers (voted “best burger” three years in a row in the I-T’s annual Sonoma Valley People’s Choice awards), added some lighter carb-friendly and gluten free options, and kids’ menu selections as well.

Check out all the breakfast specials with creative omelets and “my wife’s pancakes” topped with blueberries and strawberries, Dad’s fabulous handmade pastries, many vegetarian items both at breakfast and lunch. The fish and chips are made with mahi-mahi. Breakfast and lunch, 19100 Arnold Drive, Sonoma. 931-4377.