As many know, the Dunbar School Garden was burned to a crisp during the fires. Many volunteers, including parents and alumni, have cleared the ground, ripped out burned planter beds and trees, and replaced melted irrigation.

Dunbar School Garden Coordinator Alissa Pearce has personally drawn plans to replace, improve and expand the garden with huge help from many locals, including Erik Garcia of Sonoma Materials, who offered, “Anything you need.”

There is even an unconfirmed rumor that Alice Waters might come to Sonoma Valley in March to raise funds for the garden with a high-end lunch at Edge and a talk at the garden. This could be one heck of a garden when it is all finished.

School gardens are important educational places for all public school children who learn where food comes from and what to do with it, and even find refuge and comfort in the gardens.

Meanwhile, Bode Westerhoff, an enterprising student and son of Stacey Printz (in whose dance company Alissa Pearce danced professionally for 15 years) from Corte Madera, has a T-shirt campaign to benefit Dunbar’s rebuilding efforts. Pearce estimates he has raised $1,500 so far.